How to Stay Ahead of E-commerce Marketing Competition

Have you entered the eCommerce world to become a successful merchant? However, the presence of several competitors has made you feel that you can never reach your goal. You may have dedicated countless hours to your eCommerce platform. Still, you have not found the desired result. But, there are ways to beat your competitors. Due to the pandemic, consumers have started hopping into eCommerce sites for daily purchases. It is the best time to take proactive steps with SEO and other marketing techniques. At an affordable rate, you will get eCommerce SEO and digital marketing services to win the competition.

Analyze your competitors’ websites and seo marketing activities-

By analyzing eCommerce competition, you can identify the market shifts and latest trends. Moreover, you can find out potential barriers to your success.

Another important step is to categorize-

  •       Primary competitors- Having direct competition with your business
  •       Secondary competitors- Selling similar products to a different audience

Your competitor analysis must include an assessment of-

  •       Websites
  •       Pricing strategy
  •       Promotional messaging
  •       Shipping management techniques
  •       Social media activities

Provide quality products

The eCommerce companies providing better and newer products can gain traction. Differentiate your products from that of your competitors. You will find an increase in the number of loyal customers.

However, while introducing new products, you have to publish videos and images. Your website visitors have a higher chance to purchase the product after watching your videos.

Let customers feel the best-

Your website design and overall navigation can affect the customers’ feelings. Customers will check out how you have arranged different elements of your site.

  •       Create an attractive landing page
  •       Develop a responsive design
  •       Check color contrasts
  •       Make your site mobile friendly


You may also add some interactive elements, including animated images and videos. Moreover, you have to address your customers’ issues regularly.

Do not be always promotional- Post useful content

Although you need to promote your products, you have to publish some relevant content. With social media posts, blogs, and emails, you can provide value to your customers. Before dealing with the content, you have to focus on some questions

  •       How will you distribute the content?
  •       Which is the best-performing content?
  •       What topics have you missed in your blogs?

Increase the engagement rate-

Make your relationship with potential customers stronger and more authentic. You can interact with them using social media sites. There is no need to use every social channel. You have to identify the platforms that are preferable to your potential buyers.

Social media gives you a chance to develop a positive brand impression. Talk about your business, latest products, and events.

Choose better tactics for your branding campaign-

Digital platforms are loaded with lots of ads from several brands. Customers do not like to see advertisements throughout the day. Moreover, it may not be easy to make your ads prominent. Learn about your customers’ feelings and thoughts with-

  •       Public Relations
  •       Online reviews
  •       Customer services

The best SEO techniques will also make your brand name noticeable. Moreover, you have to display your company’s phone number and email address. Clear and detailed product information will also help you in making your branding successful.

Build a big community

To retain customers, eCommerce companies have to build a community. You can keep your customers engaged and prevent them from going to your competitors. Moreover, the community lets you know about potential customers’ interests and preferences.

Create the best pricing strategy

Price is one of the biggest factors for lots of shoppers. While buying products from the big eCommerce platforms, customers like to look for low-priced quality products.

Price competition can make a difference in the overall outcome. Without compromising profit margin, you can develop a competitive pricing strategy.

How do you create the strategy?

It is not always good to offer the lowest price to make sales. Although you may draw several customers, you will find nothing positive in your revenues.

Some eCommerce brands try to choose products that may not be highly profitable but are easily saleable. They are low CPA products helping you to reduce loss. While customers buy them, you can collect emails and promote other profitable products.

Be more considerate while offering discounts

Shoppers always look for discounts to save money. With temporary promotions, you can encourage your customers to leave comments on your products. New eCommerce merchants always need to collect genuine customer reviews. Get positive reviews from customers by offering attractive discounts on your products. Moreover, the discount will increase the conversion rate of your e-store visitors.

These are some ways to beat your competitors and establish your eCommerce business. You need to measure your success based on the chosen metrics. The best option for you is to hire an eCommerce SEO company to apply the best marketing technique.

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