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How to start a blog

“How to start a blog” is a very much hot topic now a days and we all somewhat or maybe somewhere in time wanted know the answer to that question, but not anymore will this question be left unattended as today we are going to talk about all the basic things as well as some advanced and pro tips to start blogging successfully.

As in the beginning of everything we need the will to do that thing, which if you are reading this you most likely are having. After that you are going to need some basic things and most importantly the name you are making the people call it with in future. Your blog name need not to be very attractive or shiny, it just needs decent amount of these stuff and pretty much anything would work, unless it’s not what people like to read.

Here is a list of all the things you need to start blogging-


You must have heard about hosting or webhosting before if you are in to hosting a website, but if you haven’t let me tell you that is basically the practice of renting or taking the service of using someone else’s server to run your website on, so that it can be viewed online by people. When starting a blog you are likely not likely to have a lot of audience, or maybe you will have the traffic on your website if you are a celeb or a pop star or something of same sort. So you should most commonly take a small hosting for your website in the beginning.

Get Word Press

Just like hosting is must have for blogging having Word Press is also necessary, having a website that doesn’t look good will be representable at all and that can lead to low audience attention and lead your blogs to a diminishing return or even no return state as well.

Word Press helps you create your website in such a way that is very pleasing to eyes and aesthetically good looking. It is also a good way to manage the content on your website because of its flexibility feature.

Theme Yourself

After you have done all this work now what you need to do is to make yourself establish in a theme to get related to by people once you start blogging. The best and the most reliable options here comes is to pick a simple and pleasant looking theme.

Theme makes your website look readable to the visitors in an effective way and overall gives the reader a very good time on your website.

There are things you should remember to choose a theme for example avoid using a bloated theme for your website, as it may be a bit much intimidating for some people and they will tend to click out. While choosing a theme you should also keep in mind that your chosen theme is responsive, because if it is not responsive people will have to wait which they don’t like.

You should keep the colors in mind while building up your theme. If you can’t come up with a theme own your own then you can also opt for some premium themes which are offered by mannier websites over internet. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that when you choose a theme you need to make sure that the fonts in that theme are easily readable and are not too outstanding. And lastly test out the theme thoroughly before applying it to the website.


After you have done all the above mentioned things you need to keep track of how your website is doing. When you get to know what your public wants from you, it will be easy for you to deliver that same thing. When you have the insight to your blogs though any of the plugin you decide to use, that will be the turning point for you and your website as well. And all of this will lead to make your blogs better day by day and getting to know your audience better. This will help you to drive more traffic to your website and get the most out of the traffic you are currently getting. Currently there are a lot of such tools in the market like Google Analytics to help you know the statistics of your website.


Anyone can create content but high quality content not only benefits the readers as the right information is provided to them but also benefits to search engine ranking for your website. Without good content your blog will not perform well. Great content leads to great audience attention.

You should try to keep in mind to always give the best to your readers so that they can feel satisfied after reading your blog. And at last it’s a great way to interact with people online.


If you have passion of writing and you want to explore more than starting a blog is a great choice. Having a blogging website where you can create and share your thoughts and ideas to other interested people is a great way to express yourself to the whole world.

You can interact with targeted audience and make a community which can create a healthy relationship with your readers.

The best way is to always create things that creates attention, give it your best and publish it online for free, that’s you true blogging success.

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