How to Simply Convert Bulk of MSG Files to Adobe PDF on Mac OS?

There are a few users whose job is to create a backup of all important emails in an organization regularly. Most of the emails are extremely important to keep track of and need to be accessed all the time. This is because MS Outlook users now need to batch convert MSG to PDF on Mac, along with all of their emails. Many forums are flooded with similar types of questions, such as “how can I convert MSG files to PDF format?”

We will discuss all the reasons and solutions for converting MSG with all attachments to PDF in the following blog. Read the blog below to find answers to all of the user questions that have been raised in various forums. Simply follow the instructions given here to back up or save all emails in .msg as a system.  If you are eager to know the best solution from here but don’t want to read, then get the tool MSG Converter for Mac.

The Major Benefits – Convert MSG to PDF on Mac

There are numerous reasons to convert MSG emails with all attachments to PDF format while keeping the importance of doing so in mind. Here are a few examples:

  • Compared with MSG files, PDF is a safe backup file format because it cannot be modified or altered.
  • The email format of the PDF file remains unchanged, but the MSG file can be accessed through a browser or Microsoft Word. The format of MSG messages may change, so some data may be lost.
  • The data is saved in PDF format, and the title and other information are saved in the MSG file.

Techniques for Conveniently Exporting MSG Items to PDF Format

The conversion of MSG files to PDF can be accomplished in several ways This can be done manually and professionally. In the following sections of the blog, we’ve outlined all of the possible responses to all of the user questions. Use either manual or common practice to save Email MSG files to PDF format or go with the automated method.

Print Outlook Messages in Adobe PDF – Batch Convert MSG to PDF

Users can print Outlook messages directly from MSG to PDF using this method. In Microsoft Outlook, some steps must be completed in a specific order.

  • To open the Print Dialog window, select your Outlook MSG file and press Ctrl + P.
  • Then select Adobe PDF as your printer >> Print this page >> Options for Printing >> Attached Files >> Print To get all of the attachments in different PDFs, print.
  • Then go to File >> Print >> Adobe PDF as Printer. To print attachments, go to Print Options and then Print Attachments.
  • Finally, click on Print to save all attachments as separate PDF files.

Add-ins for Outlook is a Great Way to Save Time

Microsoft Outlook add-ins are available. It enables you to instantly convert MSG to PDF without data loss. The steps are as follows:

  • In MS Outlook, go to the Adobe PDF tab and select Setup Automatic Archival Settings.
  • To convert MSG emails to PDF format, click Add to select the MSG email folder.
  • The third step is to select Run Archival Now from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, go to Settings >> Include All Attachments to convert the MSG file to PDF format, complete with all attachments.

Also, try OLM Converter for Mac to convert Outlook for Mac OLM Files.

The Manual Method’s Limitations

There’s no doubt that the described manual approach is simple to try. However, it does have some drawbacks, allowing users to reconsider their choice of manual methods Here are some disadvantages of batch MSG to PDF conversion with a common method: 

  • MSG emails can only be converted to PDF in a limited number of cases. If you have a lot of emails, this may not work.
  • Batch exporting MSG to PDF can take a long time because this process is lengthy and time-consuming.
  • No method or way to see the status of converted MSG files, if batch conversion is performed.
  • The format of the email can be changed, and some data may be lost during the conversion process, resulting in data loss.

Most Recommended Solution for Converting MSG to Adobe PDF

MSG to PDF Converter for Mac Toolkit is a professional solution that allows you to convert MSG files to PDF in a very safe and effective manner, and you can batch convert Outlook MSG to PDF with all attachments intact. It is now easier to instantly convert MSG with attachments to PDF. When you use this utility to convert, no data is lost. For MSG email attachments, the software generated different PDFs. The user interface of the tool is very easy to use, and even technically inexperienced people can use it.

 How to Convert an Outlook MSG File to a PDF File with Attachments in Easy Steps

  • Download the program and run it on any Mac OS versions.
  • To add files to the interface, click Add file. Thus, View MSG emails on Mac OS within the tool.
  • To convert files from Outlook MSG to PDF, click the export button.
  • To apply filters, select PDF as the desired export type and then click Advanced Settings.
  • You can use the browse buttons to select the destination you want.
  • Finally, click on Export to begin the conversion process.

Also, get other solutions like – How to Convert MSG to PST on Mac?

Limitation: The mentioned applications work only on Mac OS X version above 10.8 Mountain Lion. As they also provide the link for Windows software, from where users can download the Windows versions too.

Why you Should get the tool?

After testing multiple tools, we have narrowed it down to two different applications. Then finally, picked the recommended application because of the following advanced traits:

  • The application is capable to perform batch conversion of MSG to Adobe PDF format within minutes. 
  • Does not alter the email data in the MSG files while converting to PDF
  • Able to see the live conversion taking place.
  • Can pause the process during the procedure.
  • Freedom to browse the location to store the converted MSG files.
  • No requirement for external service or application installation to perform the task.

Final Thoughts

We’ve included both a manual and a professional approach to batch convert MSG to PDF on Mac in this blog. Conversion is simple with an automated solution. Free solutions, on the other hand, have several disadvantages that make them less appealing to Outlook users.

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