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How to Repair iPhone XR Charger Port – Repair Guide

Is your iPhone XR Charger Port not working properly? There are many causes behind this problem as your device is charging slowly or not at all. This hinders the iPhone from making a proper connection with the cable and can cause it to stop charging. When you plug your charger and you’re compressing the unwanted grime. If you doing this multiple times then eventually the charging contacts are obscured.  We know that charging issues are really annoying. This kind of problem needs to be resolved immediately. There may be a bad cable or need to restore your iPhone XR software, but in some cases, there is merely dirt, hair, fur, and unwanted gunk in your charging port. If your iPhone XR charging port is filthy, you can clean it yourself.

How Charging Port Gets So Dirty?

We are using our phone all day and put it here and there then a small wall of dirt kept gathered around the charging port over time. Eventually, over time a small wall of dirt kept the charging cable from properly engaging with the pins inside the ports. Before thinking about spending a lot of time and money troubleshooting hardware issues try to clean the lint of our charging port. This thing you can do at home to clean out.

We have given you a comprehensive guide on how to troubleshoot charging problems. Make sure while troubleshooting you will not apply more force on any part of your iPhone XR charging port. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to pay for repair. These repair technicians’ often amazing offers such as screen, iPhone battery replacement, charging port replacement with or without apple spare parts. They have a set of tools and relevant experience, they are using.

The Things You Required To Clean Your iPhone Charging Port:

1. SIM key or Toothpicks:

You can take the key from your SIM tray. This is the primary tool for the whole troubleshooting process and truly cleaned out the port enough.

2. Cotton:

You can take the tiniest bit of cotton on the tip of your toothpick for cleaning. Keep in mind that do active in the whole process because too much cotton will block the charging port.

3. Flashlight:

You will need good lighting to be able to see properly and clean out the dirt. Without a flashlight, it is difficult to see into a tiny hole and remove the dust from your XR iPhone charging port.

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How to clean you’re charging port?

Before cleaning keep in mind in the whole troubleshooting process you have to maintain patience. There is step by step to clean your iPhone XR charging port:

  1. Put off your iPhone. While cleaning power off your phone so that you don’t turn it on again and again by mistake because safety is our first priority.
  2. While using cotton, place a toothpick on the cotton and twist it to wrap a small amount around the toothpick. It might take some time to loosen the dried dirt. Continually check with the flashlight till you can see the contact at the end, and the charging port looks cleaner.
  3. Hold your XR iPhone charging port in front of you properly and place the toothpick into the charging port slowly doesn’t apply more pressure. If you apply more pressure then maybe toothpick break inside of charging port it will create a bigger problem. Also, be careful don’t damage the contacts by applying too much pressure with the SIM key.
  4. Repeat this process until you’re not pulling out any more dirt.
  5. Scrape into the port to get some of the loose lint and dirt out.

When you think you’ve cleaned the port, connect your iPhone to the charging cable again and see if it worked or not. If not, then the problem is not a dirty port, at that point, you have to get a professional to troubleshoot your iPhone XR Charger Port. You have tried as you can do but nothing works, the charger is not detecting your iPhone. So, we recommend you to search for a professional repair store as you know the device has become more sophisticated and it will damage also an iPhone charging port repair at Esource Parts begins with a thorough diagnostic of your iPhone XR. We make sure there is nothing else going on with your device. The Experienced technicians at Esource parts will handle your iPhone XR charging port repair with expert care and professional service. We are the best to handle iPhone XR charging port repair all the time and we promise the lowest price on your iPhone charging port repair.

Final words

Wasting time in thinking and money to troubleshoot should not be the first step that you take to solving the problem of your charging port. However, if you are exhausted with the list of fixes then the replacement of the charging port becomes necessary when this important part of your gadget stops charging or doesn’t perform like it did when new. Come to Esource Parts search our stock and avail wide range of offers at affordable prices. We will ensure you that we will not disappoint you. We will ensure that the technician who replaces your iPhone XR charger port is trained to provide high-quality repair services. Do not wait more and check out our site for amazing and hot deals in charging port replacement. As we are the best for the fastest repair process like change screen iPhone XR, battery replace with warranty and many more.

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