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How to Refill Dab Pens Easily

Cannabis concentrates are known to create a potent effect on anyone who administers them. Dab pens are the most discreet way to administer these concentrates without disturbing anybody around you. The vapor that dab pens create is odorless and does not contain any smoke. 

Most new dab pen users are always unsure of how to refill their devices. If you are one of them you need not worry anymore as you are reading the proven guide.

Step-by-step guide for refilling a Dab pen efficiently and effortlessly.

  1. First of all, you need to know the maximum size of concentrate that your cartridge can hold. Most dab pen cartridges/ tanks cartridges have their maximum capacity ranging between 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml, and 1 ml. 
  2. Remove the cartridge/ tank from the dab pen. Dab pens feature threaded connections (usually the universal 510 thread size) that enable you to unscrew their accessories, including the mouthpiece, cartridge or tank, and battery. In recent times some brands have adopted the magnetic connection technology for their dab pen accessories.
  3. If your concentrate does not have a solvent such as MCT oil, Propylene Glycol (PG), or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), you may need to mix it with an equal amount of the solvent to create a homogeneous mixture that is full of lumps. Otherwise, if the manufacturer recommends that you use the concentrate as it is (even without containing the solvent), then you should stick to the recommendation.
  4. To efficiently load the concentrate onto the CBD vape cartridge you may need a blunt needle syringe. You should use the needle to aspirate the concentrate or mixture.
  5. The next step is to hold the cartridge and press the syringe’s plunger carefully and slowly onto the cartridge. You should take your time ensuring the concentrate goes to the cartridge’s base. If the liquid is not going to the base, you should stop refilling before it reaches the rim.  You can use a hairdryer to warm the concentrate so that it can melt and flow to the bottom of the cartridge. It is recommended that a dab pen’s cartridge should be refilled up to 80% of its maximum capacity.
  6. You should then put the dab pen’s battery, mouthpiece, and cartridge back together (screw them on). If the surface of any of these accessories has some concentrate, you should wipe it off with cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Alternatively, you can use a moist cloth.
  7. Always inspect the dab pen’s surface after refilling and ensure it’s dry or it has no concentrate leaks.
  8. Also, ensure there are firm connections between the dab pen’s accessories. Loose connections are unsafe while torquing the connections too tightly can damage them.
  9. Use your dab pen appropriately as directed in the user manual.

Other things to consider when refilling a dab pen.

  • You should always practice neat and clean refills. If the concentrate accidentally gets to the magnetic or threaded connections, it may damage the dab pen.
  • Depending on the viscosity of the concentrate you have prepared, you can alternatively use a glass medicine dropper instead of a syringe especially if you are having a hard time with the syringe.
  • If you have to use a  solvent when refilling your dab pen, you should know which solvent best suits you. Each solvent has distinctive effects on the viscosity of the final mixture and the flavor of the vapor.
  • Do not rush when mixing the concentrate and the solvent. You should do it thoroughly and never leave large particles in the mixture. The dab pen usage experience will be more awesome if the e-liquid is mixed uniformly.

Why you should never hit an empty dab pen.

Vaping through an empty dab pen cartridge burns the coils or cotton wick and is very unpleasant. Even vaping from a dab pen whose cartridge is running low can be very harsh especially to new vapers as the coil and the small liquid remaining overheat and create a bad experience. It can even leave you with a sore throat.


Dab pens come with either refillable or disposable (pre-filled) cartridges. If you plan to refill and reuse your dab pen for a longer time you should choose one with a refillable cartridge. Disposable cartridges are built to be disposed of after the concentrate that they come with gets exhausted. Besides, disassembling disposable dab pens may cause leaks. However, some people still refill them and reuse them once or twice.

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