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How to prevent a wooden Dining Table?

Strong wood dining table are reasonable and versatile as well as are dazzling household items. With appropriate consideration, they will keep going for ages.

Follow these tips for how to shield a wood dining table top from scratches, colors, and spills.


If you haven’t as of now, we encourage you to apply a completion to your wood dining table. It will secure the surface and prevent drying and breaking. You can’t turn out badly with a polyurethane finish.

Would it be advisable for you to utilize oil-or water-based polyurethane? Each has its advantages and disadvantages yet, for the most part, water-based polyurethane will save the regular shade of the wood while oil-based will give it a slight brilliant or golden tint.

There are a lot of DIY bit by bit directs online about how to apply polyurethane to your table accurately. Waxing the table after you finish will add a layer of security and magnificence.


After you’ve applied a polyurethane finish, invest wholeheartedly, and afterward play it safe to keep your dining table fit as a fiddle:


Since wood is a permeable material, to an extreme or too little mugginess can hurt wood furniture. The most ideal approach to keep the wood from breaking, growing, or twisting in moist or parched conditions is to guarantee the wood is relieved and prepared in the legitimate climate before it’s utilized to make anything.

Most wood you purchase at a timber store ought to be appropriately prepared, however, it’s as yet astute to inquire. Indeed, even appropriately prepared wood can in any case move a little and some wood species are more defenseless to this than others.

If you live in a moist environment, the table and wood joints can grow. Utilizing a dehumidifier, particularly in the mid-year, can forestall this, notwithstanding. Appropriately matured and dried wood shouldn’t have a major issue in muggy conditions.

If you live in a dry climate, the wood can do the inverse and dry out, bringing about unattractive breaking. Attempt to keep your living region temperature controlled with a humidifier if the air is excessively dry.

  1. Prevent dining table from SCRATCHES

The secret to forestalling scratches on your lounge area table is to keep a bushel or dish on or close to the table where you can put keys, pens, and toys. It will remind your family not to drop or slide things across the table.

If you like to keep a container, candles, or a focal point on your table, apply felt cushions to the bottoms of the things. Did you realize that if you dust week by week, you can forestall scratches? At the point when residue amasses, it can make little starts to expose a wood table.

  1. Keep away from dining table from DIRECT SUNLIGHT

Direct daylight can blur the wood. On the off chance that your lounge area has a great deal of characteristic light, close the draperies or keep a decorative liner on the table during the day.

  1. Prevent WATER RINGS

Water rings are the bothersome consequence of somebody not focusing. We’ve all done it – put down a beverage without putting a napkin down first. A water ring shows up because the wood absorbs the buildup from the glass. Keep a lot of napkins around for your visitors and family. Decorative spreads, table cloths, and placemats are magnificent answers for staying away from water rings, too.

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