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How to prepare for moving – Tips from experts

Moving without damage and loss of property, without wasting nerves and health? This is likely to only happen in mobile business ads, but in reality, the situation seems much more complicated. So, in order! Documents If you need to move from city to city and not to the next street, you will need to prepare a package of documents before leaving. So let s dive in.

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Don’t forget the workbook, health book (if available), income certificates (for two years, 12 months, six months, and three months), and the average salary (this is required for later calculation of sick pay when you register with the Employment Center to register benefits).  You can ask your employer for written suggestions or a description (useful when looking for a new job).

Kindergarten child

You must also take a doctor’s card and a vaccination form in kindergarten. The child’s description and proof that he or she attended kindergarten are not superfluous (in some areas, this certificate provides a basis for getting a place in kindergarten without waiting in line). 

In addition to the medical card and the vaccination form, the personal file should be removed here. Again, the feature is not superfluous. If the school has a briefcase for the child, it is advisable that he or she draws his or her hands. Other documents. Personal account statement for the absence of rent arrears, clinic doctor’s card. Gather things This is the most labor-intensive part of moving.

Some people prefer to keep or sell their things and buy new things in a new place. However, if relocations occur frequently, few go to this problem-solving approach: most of them cannot afford to fully furnish the apartment every 2-3 years. To pack the necessary things: 

How to prepare for moving  with Boxes

You can buy them or ask in stores, but the cleanest and most organized are in pharmacies. You need at least 30 boxes we, a family of 4, spend at least a hundred boxes to pack toys, dishes, furnishings, furniture, books, etc.

Large plastic bags

You need both trash cans and ones that sell flour or sugar (you can buy them from a hardware store). We pack clothes, textiles, bedding, and shoes, if not damage. · Air bubble wrap for packaging fragile items and equipment. · Stretch film for packing upholstered furniture parts.

You have to spend well on packing

It’s more convenient for loaders: with a large cabinet, you run the risk of not budgeting. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines are most commonly affected during transport. They show blankets, scratches, enamel chips, so they need to be packed with special care (old blankets are perfect for this). Each box should be numbered on each side and write on a separate sheet of paper detailing what they have. This information is very useful in a new place. So now you are ready and you know how to prepare for moving. Prepare properly and the relocation process will be much easier. 

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