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How to Prepare for Air Duct Cleaning?

Are you concerned about your health? Definitely yes! But you should know that eating healthy is not essential to remain fit, but inhaling clean air is also crucial for your wellbeing. As we spend a lot of time indoors, we should make an effort to keep the indoor air quality clean. As an HVAC system is crucial for a comfortable environment, we should know that recirculated air is loaded with pollutants. Hence, the best solution to this is to keep your system clean. And for this, you should know some valuable things for how to prepare for air duct cleaning

How to Prepare for Air Duct Cleaning? 

If you are in search for Air Duct Cleaning in Norcrosshere are five simple steps you need to follow to prepare for HVAC cleaning. 

Clean the Area Around or Under Every Register and Fan in the Home 

When you want to get your HVAC cleaned, you should contact the area around the unit uncluttered. If you are availing of the service at home, make sure all rooms have space to allow the technicians to work without any hassle. And if it is commercial HVAC cleaning, then ask your co-workers to get the areas around the unit cleared. 

It would help if you ensured that there is no mess around the HVAC vents, filters, and fans. Relocate things so that your technician can place their tools and equipment and work efficiently. You should follow the same when cleaning the furnace or any other home appliance. 

Perform a Walk-Through with Your Mechanic 

When the technician arrives, make him visit all the areas in your home or commercial space you want to get inspected and cleaned. Hence, you will have a clear discussion of the task before starting the service. The technician will examine everything and provide you with the correct quote. If your technician pays attention to detail, you have hired the best service. 

Ask Various Questions 

Before you hire a technician, you should be clear about everything. Hence, it would help if you asked various questions regarding the ductwork cleaning process and its outcome. So, that you are clear about everything. It will also provide you the assurance of the price you are paying for the work. Remember, a satisfactory service will provide you peace of mind. Also, professional service providers always have a transparent dealing approach. 

Decide If You Will Monitor the Process or Not

Considering the building size and ductwork layout, the Air Duct Sanitizing in Norcross can take a few hours to a day. Hence, it would help if you planned whether you would stay and monitor the process to ensure it is done perfectly. If the air duct cleaning is being done in a commercial space, you can assign the monitoring task to any of your staff members. 

Tips and Tricks to Follow When Preparing Your Space for Duct Cleaning Service 

Social Distancing 

In these pandemic times, we should follow the social distancing rule when we are at significant risk. When interacting with the technician, you should stand 6 feet apart. It will reduce the risk of transmission. 

A few experts suggest that you discuss the details with the service providers on the phone, and if you have a good vibe, you should let them inside. 

Cover Things 

Competent technicians will cover the floor and furniture before they start the work. It is necessary to save your home items from physical contact and keep them clean of dirt, debris, and pollutants (produced during the cleaning procedure). If your technician does not practice this, you should try to cover your items. 

Don’t Forget to Wear a Mask. 

We know that wearing a mask is our responsibility during this pandemic. When you invite any outsider, you should wear a face mask. It will reduce the chance of transmission. 

A surgical or KN95 face mask will effectively prevent the spread of pathogens. Also, you should make sure that the technician who visits is also wearing a mask. 

Discuss Safety Measures Beforehand 

Before you invite or hire an HVAC contractor for ductwork cleaning service, you should discuss what safety protocols and policies they will take during the operation. Some standard safety measures include no sick employees should be at the site, sanitizing surfaces, and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

A reliable HVAC service provider will ensure all safety practices for the pandemic are duly followed. They will provide you safe and hassle-free services. 

Disinfecting Surfaces 

To stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, you should consider disinfecting surfaces before and after the HVAC cleaning service. It would help if you used alcohol-based sanitizing wipes for this purpose. Let the sanitizer sit on the surface for some time before it shows results. 

Allocate a Bathroom for The Technicians 

Ductwork cleaning involves a lot of dirt and debris. Hence, the technicians may require a washroom to clean themselves. While we are taking extra measures during the pandemic, you should consider allocating a separate toilet for the technicians. Clean the restroom after they leave. Covering your bathroom surfaces with a plastic sheet is also a great idea. 

Inform Technicians About the Restricted Area 

If you don’t want the technicians to go to any home area, you should inform them beforehand. For instance, you may ask them if the dining room or children’s room is locked. 

Allow Fewer People in The Building 

Before the pandemic, allowing more technicians in your home or building was not an issue. However, the situation is different now. When hiring an HVAC contractor, you should discuss how many technicians they will send. For safety purposes, you should allow fewer people inside. 

Contact the HVAC Contractor Beforetime 

Another important thing you need to do when preparing for air duct cleaning, you should contact the company before time to know if they want to share any guidelines. A majority of the HVAC service providers have specific protocols and policies. So, it would help if you asked them in advance about the support they will require from the homeowners. 

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