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How to prepare for a move – 4 Tips

Of course, it’s not hard to find a company today to arrange your move from point A to point Z and even pack your personal belongings. If you are very busy and you have absolutely no time to move, do it – look for specialists. However, such complex services often cost a lot and many simply do not trust strangers to collect their belongings.  Therefore, only a truck is usually hired, maybe a few movers and all the other work falls on the owners. We will give them useful advice on how to prepare for a move.

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If possible, try to stretch the crossing before prepare for a move

For example, a young couple with a child moved all things from one rental apartment to another in their car, slowly and without stress, for three weeks.At the same time, both worked on weekdays. Yes, they didn’t have their own spacious furniture, corner sofa and wardrobe. But there were many other things that have accumulated in one place over the years.

Lastly, they carried items that they used every day, including dishes and, first, winter items (this happened in the summer). Gradual gear allows you to act without rushing and all the practical work, plan everything every day. Minus – you have to live in a “suitcase mood” for a long time. If you move to Athens you can search on Google for moving companies.

Think about it, maybe you shouldn’t carry some old furniture with you?

Or maybe some items just don’t fit in the new apartment? Take measurements, including approaches, and suddenly your chic sideboard just won’t go through the doorway of your new home. Moving can be called a reason to organize a sale and get rid of unnecessary items. Even if you are surprised at how much unnecessary your mezzanine was stored, don’t drag this stuff with you! Preparing to move: 10 tips Take care of packaging materials, all kinds of boxes, bubble wrap, bags, scotch tape, polystyrene foam sheets in advance.

Organize items into categories.

If clothes can be easily folded into bags – the maximum is in mind – then the dishes need reliable protection. You can wrap a valuable set in your own clothes, such as soft sweaters. Or use bubble wraps to wrap each fragile item. Comfortable and foam balls that can be used to fill dishes. Be sure to sign each box and bag! Simple notes, preferably on both sides of the box so as not to twist, will help you navigate what to put much faster – in the kitchen, closer to the wardrobe, or in the nursery.

Another example of how to prepare for a move – the family decided to move extensively from Kallithea to the territory of Markopoulo. We packed everything together, sold some of the furniture, ordered a container to deliver all things by rail. We went by car ourselves. Until the container arrived, the hostess simply forgot what she had put where, and there were no labels on the boxes. I had to unpack everything at once, looking for the dishes and summer shoes that were badly needed right now. It is better to make inscriptions detailed.

It is better to remove handles and other parts of the furniture that may fall off the road, break, get stuck.

Turn such accessories into one box so as not to confuse, it is better to screw the handles carefully to a new place than to repair the furniture. Don’t try to fit a lot of items in a large box. With this severity, it can easily break down and is difficult to tolerate. Better several relatively small boxes than one huge – this is the main principle of packaging.

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