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How to Play with a Big Dice games in the Classroom

Dice games are interesting as well as educational. Generally, we play dice games with small dices, we never thought about giant dice or big dice. Most of us don’t have any knowledge about giant dice and their uses. So in this article, we will discuss some big dice ideas and the procedure of making big dice games that can be played in the classroom.

The procedure of making a giant dice:

To make giant dice you need strong cardboard, duct tape, large stickers with black dots, Stanley knives, and a ruler.

  • Evaluate a square of 30cm* 30cm on a cardboard
  • Cut the first square then cut the other five squares according to this figure.
  • Then join the six squares with help of duct tape and make a big 3D square.
  • Use those black dots and create a face of the dice.

Big dice ideas:

1. Feeling activities:

After making the big square you can use flashcards instead of using black dots. Pick any six several feelings that you want to teach your students.

Told the students to roll the giant dice and ask the students to act the feeling that is exposed in the dice.

They can also think of some things that will make them feel those meticulous feelings.

For example, if the feelings shown in the dice games are nervous they should talk about those things that make them feel nervous.

2. Physical activities:

You can use fitness exercise or move cards, pick several six exercises moves and attach them onto every side of the ice

It is the best way for the students to have fun. You can arrange the students in a circle and choose one student and let them throw the dice. In the activity is shown in the dice, the whole classroom will do the exercise. The process will continue until the circle ends or every student throws.

3. Antonyms activities:

You can choose any six different antonyms flashcards with yellow color and attach them to each side of the dice.

Then each student throws the dice and finds the matching antonym word with a green color border.

For example, if a student throws the dice and it is shown hot, and then they should find the opposite word cold.

By this game, students can easily learn the opposite words and spellings.

4. Rainbow cards activities:

By using rainbow cards, attach the commencement of the rainbow cards to each side of the giant dice.

Each student throws the die and finds the matching part of the rainbow cards to complete the fact.

For example, if the dice shows the number 8, the student must find the number 2 to complete the fact; 8 + 2 = 10

5. Sentence starter & closer activities:

You can use a relative sentence starter pack and choose any six-sentence starter that matches your lesson and stick them on every side of the dice.

Each student throws the die and ends the lesson.

6. Phonics activities:

You can use sound families stickers and choose any six different posters and attach them onto each side of the dice.

Students will throw the dice and choose aphonic and act. With this game learning, phonics becomes easy.

7. Yoga moves activities:

By using yoga moves stickers or posters, you can choose any six yoga steps and stick them on the dice.

Let the dice thrown by the students and the yoga sticker land, the students will do the yoga.


There are so many other ideas but these ideas are the best. Through these games, your child can learn math, numbers, opposite words, spelling and also do some physical activities.

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