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How to pick day night blinds that will suite your apartment?

There is no doubt that windows without any additional accessories are a no-go. That is why there are such this as curtains, day night blinds, roller blinds, and so on. They provide much more value and appeal to the surroundings. It provides definitive appeal from inside and outside as well as privacy.

In order to hang great-looking curtains, you either need a designer to take care of that or follow these recommendations below. We will disclose some seriously important what’s and why’s for you to be more than happy with your curtains!


Materials should match the room


Probably one of the main criteria when choosing day night blinds is their material. Certainly, not everyone knows and understands what types of curtains are and which are better and more practical when used for different rooms, as their choice depends on which side of the house the windows are on. For example, on the south side, there will be more sun, then you should choose denser day night blinds, and where there is less direct sunlight, then rarer, so it is when choosing this accessory that people often make the mistake of choosing the right thickness of day night blinds material.


We recommend choosing a thick and durable material if your room is exposed to extremely high levels of direct sunlight, as the sun may sooner or later damage your day night blinds. This problem is easily solved because modern technologies make it possible to produce materials that are more resistant to it. For example, artificial silk, cotton, or similarly structured materials are the strongest and most resistant to sunlight. It is also recommended to choose a fabric with edge trim.


Choose thin and translucent fabrics if you like natural light. They are ideal for small apartments, as they may lack natural light. If privacy is very important to you, then you can also choose medium-density materials that ensure it without losing too much natural light. Silk, synthetics, or cotton are perfect for this.


All-blocking day night blinds made of thick polyester are the best choice in case you have trouble sleeping. Not only will they save you from annoying light, but a significant amount of outside noise, which can be important if you like to sleep with your window open.


Day night blinds design and what colours should you avoid


Another definitely important aspect when choosing curtains is their design and colors. day night blinds should complement the design and interior of your room, so you should first pay attention to the current predominant color palette. Or maybe your furniture or wallpaper has some patterns?

In this case, you should try to match them with the day night blinds patterns. Of course, the variety of colors and patterns can also be a very unique solution that will give your room an unusual character, but even then you should look for common accents and try to create a harmonious space, otherwise, you will feel tired of such images.


If you want a classic-style room, choose darker colors that make the apartment less translucent. Well, lighter colors will create a more cozy, more modern atmosphere.


True, if your room is quite crowded, avoid very bright, colorful, and patterned curtains. Then choose something very simple and subtle or at least combine your new day night blinds very well with the overall style of the room.


The dimensions of your curtains


Many imagine that day night blinds should be wide enough, but not everyone knows and understands what their length should be. In homes with extremely low ceilings, it is recommended to choose the longest curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor.

We offer long day night blinds to choose from if you want to create the impression of high ceilings and space. However, if you have small children or pets, you should think about their optimal length, as curtains can be more easily smeared or damaged. To avoid such problems, you can use special guards to help ensure the longevity of the day night blinds and make them easier to maintain.


In addition, curtains look much more attractive when they are not taut and fall down with elegant pleats, so multiply the width of the window by 1.5 and you get the approximate width of the curtain material from which you will get great pleats.

This rule “x 1.5” – applies to day and night curtains. 1.5 times the amount of curtain material creates light folds. For those who need deeper folds, we recommend buying a quantity of material that is twice the width of the window.


To calculate how many day night blinds will be needed and when measuring the width of the window, think about how wide you will need to unfold the curtains. For example, you want


you will ensure that the unfolded night curtains do not cover the window and do not prevent daylight from entering the premises, then it is recommended that the cornice should be at least 20-30 cm wider than the window.


Not only blinds can be acquired online


If the choice of day night blinds in any online store does not seem big enough, then you can order roller blinds or materials that you can use for sewing blinds yourself. Roller blinds or unique curtains sewn by tailors have a number of advantages over regular curtains, so you can order one of these products.


Choosing and purchasing curtain material is even easier than the curtains themselves. The most important thing is to choose the type, thickness, color, and patterns of the material, as well as to know approximately how much you need it, you will calculate it in consultation with your tailor.

The design of the day night blinds depends on the space you have, the style of the interior, your imagination, and the ingenuity of the tailor. You can create not only classic-style single-color curtains, but also something special, unusual, perhaps even sewn from several materials. This way you will have a unique product that no one else will have.


Should you purchase high quality and more expensive curtains?


After calculating how much material you will need for sewing day night blinds, you can choose materials at an attractive price from the range offered.

In addition, you will not only find curtains and their materials, the price of which is often lower than elsewhere, but you will also be able to take advantage of the various promotions, sales, or discounts that are constantly taking place. After deciding exactly what you want, you will be able to buy high-quality and beautiful curtains. And most importantly, they can be delivered directly to your home!


In the end

Purchase curtains online with the tips provided above and you should be completely fine with it. If you want to check out any examples of day night blinds feel free to check out blinds-2-you online store.

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