How to Pack Your Kitchen while House Shifting?

House shifting is an assiduous process. It is equally stressful if you are moving alone or with your family. You can choose to get professional help from the moving company which will make the process speedy and efficient. On the contrary, you may be unable to hire professional packers and movers Hyderabad to Kerala company due to your budget constraint or the unavailability of their dates due to the packed schedule during the peak season. In this case, you have to find ways to do it by yourself.

So, how to pack your kitchen while house shifting? You must be wondering about finding out a feasible way to do it. Packing your belongings is the most elaborate part of the entire house shifting process. Packing the kitchen essentials can prove to be the most complicated activity as you indulge in packing for your move. Your kitchen comprises objects of various shapes and sizes, a lot of small items like cutleries, along with crockery, storing jars, glass bottles, food items, etc.

But is there no way to reduce the size of the kitchen essentials? Well, it is very difficult to de-clutter a kitchen as most of the things that we accumulate in the cupboards and drawers of the kitchen are the ones that we need in our daily lives. Whatever items you have in your present kitchen are the ones that you will need in your new home. Therefore, you have to organise and manage things in a systematic way as you plan to pack your kitchen essentials for house shifting. So, here are some helpful tips on how to move your kitchen while house shifting:

Organise the Kitchen:

Although I have mentioned earlier that you cannot de-clutter your kitchen easily, it is not an impossible task. Scrutinise through everything in the kitchen and find out the things that you do not need before you start with the packing. House shifting is one such occurrence when you can tidy up your bits and pieces and reduce the size of your belongings. Yet most of the kitchen items are of some utility to us and we know that we might need them in the future, though we can’t predict when and after how long. So, if you have not used a particular kitchen item for more than a year, chances are that you can do without it in the future.

After you have separated the inessential items from the essentials, you can give them away to some friends or relatives if they are in good condition. You can also donate them to an NGO for a good cause.

Get the Packing Supplies:

You need the right packing supplies for packing your kitchen essentials. You need good-quality packing boxes, corrugated cardboard, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, cello tape, and marker pens to label the boxes. Consider buying these from a store instead of getting previously used grocery shop boxes. Used boxes have a chance of falling apart as soon as you try to carry them to the moving vehicle. You should get at least seven big boxes, ten medium size boxes, and six small boxes along with the other mentioned supplies for packing the kitchen essentials of an average Indian family.

Pack an overnight box:

Packing the kitchen overnight box needs you to be a bit tactful. An overnight box contains all the necessary items that you need to sustain for the first few days after you move to the new house. So, set aside those essential things from your kitchen in a packing box and don’t seal them. Just keep the box separate from the rest of the things that you need to pack. A plate, a glass, a bowl, a cup, and a spoon for each of the family members should be kept aside in the overnight box.

You will need the same essentials on the last night before the move, for your dinner, you will need the same for having a meal on the day of the move too. So, after you are done with the last meal in your present house, clean the plates and cutleries and keep them back in the box and seal them finally. This box will further help you to sustain the first few days after your house shifting.

Pack the right way:

It is normal to find yourself encircled by pots and pans, kitchen knives, jars, spoons and forks, tumblers, kitchen napkins, pickles and vinegar, and whatnot that will make you feel bowled over. Don’t feel lost and start by clearing your kitchen counter as this will serve as your packing station. Here is a small guideline on how to pack what is in your kitchen while house shifting:

Plates and bowls:

These are brittle items. Wrap them individually before you stack them. If you don’t have enough packing paper to wrap them, use leftover newspapers in between them. Stack plates of the same size together and then wrap them tightly with stretch wrap.

Pots and pans:

As you must be having pots and pans in different sizes, stack smaller ones into the bigger vessels by keeping a layer of packing paper or newspaper between them. Pack them into a big packing box and stuff them with newspapers or kitchen towels.


Your kitchen can be a room for an assortment of tumbler glasses, highball glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, wine goblets, and rummers. You should wrap each of them using packing paper and use a divider inside a medium-sized box to pack them. Don’t stack them or they will break.

Serving Trays:

These are easiest to pack as you have to use plastic wrap or even some newspapers to wrap them and lay them flat at the bottom of any box. You can stack up more things on top of them to use up the extra space on top.


Wrap every single knife with a piece of paper and then roll them up together in a kitchen towel. Secure the whole bundle with a tie-up. Pack these in any box placing them on the side and with their edges facing downward.

Food Items:

Wrap the small glass jars of spices with paper and keep them in a small packing box. Get the perishable items out of the refrigerator and either consume them right away or dispose of them.

Kitchen Appliances:

Kitchen Appliances come in sturdy boxes of their own and it is a wise decision to store these original boxes until you decide to purchase and settle down in a particular house. Shifting huge kitchen appliances like a refrigerator is easy and safe in their original boxes. In case you don’t have them now, use corrugated cardboard sheets to pack them. Don’t forget to defrost and clean your fridge before packing or else it will be filled with mildew.

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Cook As You Like It

Pack your kitchen with patience and diligence. Involve your family members in the packing process to make it a collective fun activity. Don’t forget to label your boxes after packing them. If you are still worried about packing your cookbooks, mixing bowls, parchment papers, and oven mittens, you should these unbreakable things in a separate box to consider the miscellaneous and useful kitchen essentials.

I hope I could impart a bit of know-how on how to pack your kitchen while house shifting. Now it is your turn to cook the kitchen packing process like a “MasterChef!”


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