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EducationKids and Teens

How to open a kindergarten school in India

How to open a kindergarten school in India


“Kindergarten is a place where children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources and eager to learn” – Robert Fulghum

How to open a kindergarten school in India
How to open a kindergarten school in India

Playschool is a child’s first step in the world of learning. These schools play a very important role in a child’s brain as well as physical development. With the visual developments, children also develop a lot of skills that help them to become successful in life. Children learn and acquire different skills necessary for their holistic development. They learn cognitive skills that help in developing a sense of inquiry. They learn questioning, develop problem-solving skills, adapt number sense, etc. Social and emotional skills influence a child’s self-confidence, empathy, and the ability to make stronger interpersonal relationships. Literacy and numeracy skills to enhance their imagination, creativity, innovative skills and to strengthen their oral language. There are many more things that a child learns in playschool. At DRS Kids playschool we provide a scientifically researched curriculum in line with NEP, design programs, create an engaging learning environment, and provide experienced facilitators to nurture all of these skills. We believe in the saying, strong foundation, successful future.

Importance of preschool education:

Playschool education plays a very fundamental role in young minds. They get a nurturing environment, a stimulating curriculum, and opportunities to socialize amongst children of the same age group. Early preschool education helps parents and children understand different subjects. Also helps them to choose a better primary and high school for children. A good playschool instigates choosing a perfect high school for children. Playschool education sets the basic foundation of learning and makes children familiar with the concept of learning and school.

Importance of preschool education in India:

Playschool lays a strong foundation for children which will help them grasp higher learning in the later stages of their learning journey. Children in preschool have different ideas and multiple thoughts coming up in their initial years, they must be heard and their ideas must be given wings at this stage itself. People considering a young child’s idea at such a young age give them enough confidence to take big steps in the future. Education in India is quite important. Preschool education grooms the young one’s mind and sets up their thinking ability. Best Preschool education cultivates young one’s mind and balances their thinking ability. India is a country where diverse people reside. Each one with a different mindset and different way of thinking. Children of India being a part of the early education program, helps them understand, relate and analyze and take decisions. Preschool education in India makes children critical thinkers. To set the right base is the initial work that a preschool does. DRS Kids playschool in India tries to understand the child’s mental state and provide them with a nurturing learning environment to set the right base. With the right environment, the right curriculum aids in cultivating young minds. The right curriculum helps these young children to learn smaller activities which are a part of the Everyday Practical Skills, a Montessori method for young children to aware of these basic everyday activities. At DRS Kids Playschool, We incorporate EPL activities to help children learn basic day-to-day chores.

How to Setup a Preschool?

Setting up a preschool needs quite a good amount of research and a vision to build a better and experiential world for these young minds. At DRS Kids playschool, we observe minute details that add to a child’s holistic development. To open a DRS Kids Playschool in your city:

  • Look for a property around the area you wish to open a Playschool and finalize it.
  • Sign the agreement with DRS Kids
  • After signing the agreement, start with all the miscellaneous work like electrical fittings, paintings, interiors, etc to give it the exact theme look for a child-friendly ambiance
  • Once the school is set up, begin with admissions and marketing according to the structured marketing strategy given by DRS Kids Playschool
  • Parallel to the process of acquiring admissions, start to recruit teachers
  • Procure the student kit and start with the process of setting up the infrastructure as per the DRS Kids Playschool manual
  • Before, academically starting school, check for any local permission requirement to start a preschool. If required, one must register their preschool according to the state’s guidelines.
  • That’s all! You are all set to commence the DRS Kids Playschool.


Playschool is a building stone in a child’s life and one to start a kindergarten or best playschool must also have the vision to open a kindergarten school where they make children feel encouraged, curious, and engaged in learning. Traditional preschooling or schooling has already made learning and school a burden on many children in the past but with the changing trends, one must understand the vitality of incorporating learning in a better way in the minds of these young tods. Starting a preschool isn’t just an investment and not a business, it is a service one does for the betterment of society by molding children in a way that they take every small or big learning as an experience right from the initial years of development.

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