How To Make Effective Print Ads In The Digital Age?

Are you starting a business and thinking about whether print marketing still worth the budget and time in this digital age? According to stats issued by Marketing Director for Inkwell Printing Company David Dobbs, nearly 60% of all consumers still trust print advertising more than any other form of advertising. It indicates the importance of print ads for any business in this digital age. Whether it’s a flyer, envelope, letterhead, poster, or brochure printing, you need to take all the tangible marketing materials seriously and set a budget for it.

There is no denying that the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has changed lifestyles. Whether it’s shopping or education, people now rely on digital platforms more than ever before. If you look in your surroundings, you may find that everyone is connected online, but it’s not like that as multiple groups of people still believe in traditional methods. The stat mentioned above is an example of it.

However, the question here that comes into mind is how to make print ads effective? When it comes to print ads, all that matters is copy and design to grab the attention of the masses, considering the popularity and impact of digital marketing. If you don’t uniquely design your ad or write complex copy, your ad will not work. Here, we share the rules that every business owner should follow to make their print ads do magic and increase return on investment (ROI).


9 Ways To Make Effective Print Ads

Follow these rules and see the difference in the ROI.


Keep Your Copy To-The-Point

The most significant element of a successful print ad is a meaningful copy that clearly addresses the message. For instance, if you are looking to investing in brochure printing, you need to make sure that your copy is to the point and written engagingly.

While writing a copy, try to avoid fancy and complicated words. A good copywriter knows how to reach more and more people through words. He or she will never use a language that is not easily digestible for the general public.


Write Eye-Catching, Engaging Headlines

If you want to make your print advertising works efficiently, you need to write compelling headlines. It is the headline that grabs readers’ attention and makes them read the copy. It’s better to use a simple approach while writing a headline to make it engaging. Don’t reveal everything in your headline. Besides, you can break your ad copy into sub-headings if you want to make it more compelling and appealing. However, you need to write all your headings in a way that stimulates the curiosity of your target audience.


Don’t Worry About White Space

Most of the time, designers fill out the white space with unnecessary text and images, making it overwhelming for potential customers. There is no denying that structure of the copy is as crucial as the content, but keeping everything under the context is also imperative. Leaving some white space is necessary because it makes your ad visually impactful. So, before going for brochure printing, make sure that your brochure design has a perfect white space ratio.


Keep Your Font Style Simple

If you look at the newspapers and magazines, you will observe that most of them follow the same pattern, i.e., plain, standard size, and black-color font on a white background. When you keep it simple, it becomes easy to read. However, you can do something creative with your main title and sub-headings. But remember that the readers will avoid your ad if you use a fancy font style in your body text.


Use Images Smartly

You may have heard so many times that a picture is worth a thousand words.’ It’s time to take it seriously while designing a poster or during brochure printing. People avoid text-based ads as they find visuals more appealing. So, while creating your marketing collateral, it’s essential to add attention-grabbing images and infographics. However, ensure that the images you are using are relevant to your products or services.


Place Call-to-Action Wisely

Engaging content and seamless design are the leading elements in any form of advertising but don’t forget to place the robust call-to-action in your copy; otherwise, all your effort will go in vain. It can be a coupon or a call to sign-up to your website or any action you want the readers to take after engaging with your ad.


Inform Target Audience About Your Products

The core purpose of any advertising is to inform the audience about your products and services and how they can value them. Make sure that your design and copy are doing that. You should come up in a way that makes you stand out. For instance, if you consider brochure printing, ask yourself first that your brochure has something that sets you apart from your competitors.


Don’t Bury Contact Information In Your Ad

The last but not the least factor that should be considered at the end of the day is that all your contact information is well-presented. Make all your contact information, including office address, website address, email address, and phone number, evident so that the customers get in touch with you easily.

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