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How to Keep Your Mattress Odour-Less

Sleep in the inevitable component of human’s life which no one can ignore. All we want a comfy and fresh sleeping den, isn’t it? Then we should maintain the bedroom hygiene too which often we neglect. But it is your bed which deals with most of bodily fluids such as drool, sweat and odours that seep deep into the fibres of your bedding.

So, you must ensure that your bedding is smell-free and fresh in the long run with no possibility of dust and bacteria infestation. Otherwise, you may have to spend sleepless night getting up as damn tired and unhappy. Please check on our quick guidance to mattress hygiene maintenance for the freshness in the sleeping den.

Steps to follow during daily cleaning routine

It seems to be another tedious task getting included into your daily household chores. But it is an undeniable job for maintaining the healthy environment of your bedroom to have peaceful night. If you feel bore then you can take the assistance of expert hands by hiring professional mattress cleaners from your locality.

Neglecting the mattress hygiene will result in using it as the hosting ground for odour-causing bacteria, germs and mites. It will not only interfere with your sleep but also declines your overall health over time.

  1. Although it may sound obvious, but you should change the bedclothes on a daily basis for promoting better sleep at night. If not possible then try to change it twice or once a week at least.
  2. Vacuum the mattress once in every month. It will shed off plenty of dead skin cells which often get the attention of mites and germs along daily dust.
  3. Mattress should be flipped once in every six month as it ignores the one-sided deterioration while maintaining the freshness of the mattress for long.

Secrets for keeping the mattress odour less

Only experienced mattress cleaners are well-versed with the ways for keeping the mattress odour less. Although the steps will get over in a short span of time yet they are proven to be efficient in the long run. Also, you can have peaceful nights with fresh bed and no tension of bugs or germs infestation.

Preparatory things you should gather:

  • Essential oils (optional)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cornstarch (100g) and soda bicarbonate (100g)

Now, when you have the solution for keeping your mattress fresh and smell-free you can commence the task easily:

  1. Firstly, bed clothes should be stripped off to hoover from the top-most side. Doing the same thing at back side will leave you in worry of flipping it back at the time of putting it on again after the task.
  2. Now prepare a thorough mixture from the cornstarch and soda bicarbonate.
  3. Now the time has arrived to sprinkle the dry mixture all over the mattress’ surface. Allow it to sit well into it for a couple of hours so that it sucks up the bad smell.
  4. Wait for hoovering of the mattress by allowing the mixture to absorb the tiny particles. Both of these dry components possess tiniest size due to which they can easily penetrate into the fibres to absorb the dust, dirt and germs. The mattress hygiene will get improved over the course of time due to the complete absorption of bacteria and odour.
  5. At last, sprinkle some drops of essential oils all over the mattress’ surface. Lavender is an excellent option to use when it comes to peaceful night sleep.

Remember, to choose a reliable, reputed experienced professional mattress cleaner to get the job done. Reviews, feedbacks and testimonials are some of the factors you must look upon to make an ideal choice for your mattress hygiene.

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