How to highlight your brand with promotional tumblers

One of the thumb rules that all sales people follow is to somehow sow the first seed of interest in potential customers. It is not easy to convince your prospective customers directly with a sales pitch but the task becomes easier when they already have an image of your brand in their minds. Social media brand communities and promotional products are easiest ways to carve a path to your customers’ cognitive memory. Sending promotional items and, freebies and souvenirs to market is the friendliest and most approachable way of making your first mark in the market and custom tumblers are the best tool to do so. They are cost-effective for you, functional for the receivers, and a perfect canvas for your logo.

The effectiveness of tumbler, one of the most popular types of drinkware, as a promotional item is confirmed by ASI’s (Advertising Specialty Institute) report. The organization presented an estimation report that 53% of consumers in the US possess promotional drinkware. 50% of them have branded ones that they use twice or thrice a week. There are various ways in which you can make your mark on customers by using custom tumblers. Some of the popular methods of marketing through tumbler are listed below.

Promotional tumblers as a promotional product

You can buy a bulk supply of tumblers that compliment your product and resonates with the genre of your customers. For instance, you can pair up a sports drink, fruit fusion, or insulating tumbler with your sport-related products. Such tumblers will be highly functional for your athlete customers and they will carry it to most places due to the usability of your promotional items. Likewise, travel tumblers can be given with travel and luggage bags as complimentary items. As per Promotional Products Association International survey report, 83% of customers conduct repeated business when they receive their promotional product.

Freebie tumblers to prospective clients

As mentioned initially, it is very important to get into the door before making a sales pitch for your brand. A nice useful gift can be your gate pass to cross that threshold. But while you are sending gifts to your potential customers, make sure that you have made it as effective as possible to make the most of your investment. It would be a waste to pass out your promotional tumblers to random passers by. Target a venue or an event where your target market is available masses.

Use people who tend to go to a place where your brand will be highly visible to your target customers. Create a gift basket for persons who broadly influence others to do things such as social media influencers. The branded tumbler should be in the center of basket. You can also hand them to your loyal employees who can forward some pieces to other potential customers which will not only show your consideration towards your corporate staff but will also result in a thoughtful reputation in the industry through positive word of mouth.

As per PPAI, 79% of US customers get motivation of researching the brands when they see a logo on freebies and promotional products. Therefore ensure that a CTA (call to action) line on your promotional tumblers. This will help people to find a way of to be aware of your products and business. A CTA should be brief as you won’t want to clutter your tumbler. A simple web link, contact number, or hashtags are enough to call required traffic.

Gift item for existing clients

Making new clients is difficult particularly for start-up businesses but the hardest part is maintaining that relationship. Promotional products as gift items can help in maintaining buyer and seller relationship. You can utilize the tumblers with a thank you line printed on them and present to your clients. this would show your gratitude to them for conducting profitable business with you. Consider how receiving a set of tumblers with a thank you card from your vendor or supplier can enhance your relationship with them. Such a nice gesture like this will keep your clients happy and loyal to you.

Social media promotion through promotional tumblers.

Post pictures of your promotional tumblers to social media sites where they can attract the audience. This will also provide a quick glimpse of your organizational culture and customer relationship gestures. You can add photos, thank you notes and reviews of happy customers with the promotional tumblers in their hands. This will show the audience that how considerate you are towards your loyal clients. You can use these custom tumblers as social media giveaways

The above-mentioned techniques are a massive promotional tactic in a reasonable budget as tumblers do not cost much if you are buying them from a wholesaler. ApparelnBags provide you the customization services as well at reasonable rates. You can use this cost-effective marketing tool for long-term value.

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