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How to Get Rid of Flies Safely and Naturally?

Flies are a significant cause for spreading food poisoning, E. coli, dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and a host of other illnesses by contaminating your water and food. They host a wide variety of microbes, lay their eggs, and defecate on surfaces they land on, and if they decide that surface to be any for your food items, then get prepared to get sick. Unfortunately, getting rid of them can be unexpectedly challenging.

The Good news for you is that Lemon Lime Clean – the best home cleaning service NJ brings you special home cleaning services and natural fly repellents that would keep flies away from your home. This would keep the fly menace under control, naturally.

Some EASY, HOME- FRIENDLY ways to get rid of flies.

Plant-based Repellents

Many aromatic plants are aversive to flies. The most effective options are cloves, lavender, citrus, basil, pine, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, and cinnamon cayenne pepper. They may be implanted at various sites in your house very quickly. Cloves (around 20 to make it most effective) can be poked in a ripened apple or a citrus fruit and left on your kitchen or dining table. Lavender may be used as a full-plant (grown in the house) or as a bouquet in a vase or oil. Citrus flavoured repellents are commercially available, or you may plant a few peels of oranges or lemons to attract the flies away from your home. Planting basil near your window or entrance proves quite effective. It anyway has various other health benefits that you may simultaneously take advantage of. Pine and eucalyptus oil have a powerful aroma to drive away flies. You may easily mix some in water and spray it around your house. Peppermint sprays and camphor balls are commercially available and easily obtained and used to keep flies away.

Natural Traps

Another way of keeping flies outside is by attracting them and trapping them. Four such easy-to-make fly trap ideas have been discussed below.

Venous fly traps, a carnivorous plant, have developed a modification to prey on insects by attracting them towards themselves and eventually eating them. All you need to do is to plant them in your kitchen garden or somewhere outside your house. When an insect, here flies, land on the plant, its mechanosensory set off a signal to surround and engulf it. It then stimulates the secretion of digestive juices that dissolves the fly, and within 12 days, the plant opens to throw out the exoskeleton of the consumed fly.

Next on the list is Vinegar and Dish Soap. It is constructed simply by mixing an inch of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a glass. This is then covered with plastic in which multiple holes are poked for the entry of the flies. Flies tend to get attracted to the vinegar, but they land on the soap layer on top of it, causing them to sink in the liquid.

Light traps have proven to be a commendable natural way to keep flies away. It is a box with a light source, usually with an electrical zap. Flies are phototropic and so get attracted to light, leading them into the box where they either get killed by the electrical zap or trapped there forever.

Lastly, we have the Sticky traps – an extremely inexpensive and easy catch to make. It’s a paper bearing a sticky substance to which the flies get attracted to. They land on it and never manage to fly off. Don’t you get stuck to it, though!

Minimizing Fly Appeals

While natural fly repellents work naturally, you also need to ensure that no items in your house are acting as potential attractants for the flies. This would ruin all your efforts of keeping them outside. Here are some tips and practices that you may follow to ensure the same.

  • Seal any holes, gaps, or tears that may be present in your house
  • Ensure that your garbage has a tight-fitting lid and keep a practice of decanting it regularly
  • Food left outside should be in airtight containers.
  • Always clean your dishes immediately.
  • Don’t pile grass clippings or leaves near your house.
  • Use outdoor lights only when required. Insects love lights.
  • Discard carcasses of animals as they attract flies big time. Try to avoid poisoning them as then their corpses would be untraceable by you (but not by the flies)
  • Clean up your pet’s feces immediately.
  • Refresh bird baths as frequently as possible
  • Make your backyard attractive.

Let’s join hands and keep flies out of your beautiful home. We, the Residential Cleaning Services NJ get customized packages based on your requirements. We employ all-natural fly repellents that will leave your home pleasantly scented. Please book an appointment by visiting our website.

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