How to Get Preschoolers Attention When Teaching Online


Due to the pandemic, preschools in Gurgaon are either being suspended or have gone online. But teaching kids online can be a tough task as holding their attention is what most teachers struggle with. Virtual learning demands a lot of attention and focus, especially for a toddler as they tend to get distracted very frequently. Let’s be honest, removed from classrooms and put in a place where they relax and sleep, amid all their favourite toys, TV, Smartphone and other stuff, can we really blame them for getting distracted? Therefore lack of concentration is quite normal. But don’t you worry, The Shri Ram Early Years, Preschool in Gurgaon has come up with some smart ideas that will help you tackle this issue and get your little one’s attention back towards study:

Start with a bang!

What we mean by this is that, start with an interesting photo or video such as a cute animal video or a short collage of pictures. Our preschool in Gurgaon believes that children are attracted to visuals. Using photos and videos will help you gain their attention easily. You can also try to borrow some photos of each kid from their parents and show it to them that will definitely catch their interest. Basically, you have to be creative and play around for fun. As virtual classes tend to get a bit monotonous, children will get bored and will not pay attention. Another great way to stimulate their thinking is to throw an interesting puzzle at them. Make sure they take it as a game, as we all know how much kids love playing, they will pay their full attention towards you. 

Set a routine

Routines are best for kids, they thrive on those. Scientists say that kids up to the age of 8-10 record all the activities around them for further reference in the future. Therefore they can catch a routine pretty easily and it helps them to understand the classes and contents of it. Our preschool in Gurgaon encourages setting a routine, it helps kids to feel secure and reduce anxiety as they know what to expect from the day. You can change the routines as per the kids’ preference as well. You can be strict and loose according to the requirement, as the time demands. But having a routine will surely enhance focus through the familiarity of stuff. This habit will also help them become disciplined as well.

Let them play

Yes! You read it right. Let them play around for some time, after they are done with whatever they have in their mind, their focus will come back to you automatically. Kids are curious in nature, even though their focus is short-lived, they tend to do things with the utmost attention. Therefore if you stop them from doing whatever they have set their mind to, it will keep haunting them and they won’t be able to focus on learning anyway. So it’s best to just let them be and have a little patience with them during that time. You can design their schedule and play in perfect amalgamation so that they get to enjoy the best of both things. Keep the learning interactive with various puzzles, competitions etc. Even if you are going for an interactive game, try to keep it changing otherwise it will get boring. 

A dedicated space 

We know this might be a little bit difficult since this is not something that you have full control over. You can make a proper space for learning with fewer distractions and more motivation. It doesn’t matter if the space is small, the idea is to help the child focus. If there is a table or desk that could be cleared off and cleaned for them for online classes. Spaces dictate our energy levels, especially for a child.

Make a partnership with the parents, they can help you sail smoothly through this issue. 

Add a little laughter

Who doesn’t love a little humour right? Well, kids are also the same, they love to laugh and play around. So you can easily win their heart and attention with a good joke. It can be anything, about you, about something you are discussing, the weather, anything that makes them laugh. Laughter helps to build a good environment and spread a positive vibe.

It would be best to start or end a day with some humour, but you can also use it to get back their attention if they are getting distracted as well. You don’t have to make a smart joke or anything, remember that they are just kids and make sure they understand the joke otherwise the whole concept will be a failure. Therefore, keep it simple and light-hearted, actions can also work or maybe a little sweet acting. 

Being one of the top Preschools in Gurgoan, TSEY truly stands by these ideas. We believe the education of your child should not be hampered even if the mode of teaching changes. Driving the capabilities and bringing out the best in your child is our ultimate motive.

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