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How to Fix Windows Error Code 0xc0000185 on HP Laptop

Windows Error Code 0xc0000185 appears on the system and stops working. Users may face Blue Screen of Death and be unable to use their laptop. When you see the blue screen; restart the system. Shut down the laptop. Now switch on the laptop and check for the error code.

If the user is facing the error code often then he should repair it. Otherwise, you will get the Blue Screen often and many of your programs will stop working. Screen errors are always a source of frustration. It fails to take the life out of your face every time your Windows operating system succumbs to an internal mishap. Even more so once you have no idea how it happened in the first location.

Use Windows 10 installation media

When you see the Error 0xc00000e9 on your screen; try to repair the system using Windows 10 installation media. Go to your laptop and switch it on normally. Now insert the Windows 10 installation media disc on the system. Reboot the laptop using the installation media. The user will get a black screen asking to press the key from the keyboard to start the boot process. When the user hits any key; the booting process will screen. Wait for the next screen.

Enter the correct time and then choose the next screen. Select the repair computer option and tap on choosing an option button. Now, go to Windows and tap on Troubleshoot option. Select the Advanced options and then hit on the Automatic Repair option. Now choose the operating system. Your Windows 10 system will start scanning the device and repairing the files which are causing the error. After system scanning, reboot the system and then check for the Windows error code.

Try rebuilding boot configuration data

Your Windows device can show the error code when the boot configuration data files are not working. The user has to repair those files for troubleshooting the Windows error.

  1. Use Windows 10 installation media CD to reboot the OS
  2. Press and key and then select Repair your computer option
  3. Go to your troubleshoot menu and tap on the Advanced options button
  4. Hit on the Command Prompt 
  5. Type BOOTREC /FIXMBR and then press enter button
  6. Now type BOOTREC /FIXBOOT
  7. Press Enter button and type BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD

Hit Enter button and now the program will complete the installation media process. After rebooting your Windows device, check for the error code and Blue screen.

Run the anti-malware 

Windows files can get error codes when some malicious viruses are interrupting the process. If you don’t remove the malware from the system; the virus will multiply and many processes will stop working. You have to remove those viruses to protect the system. Go to your device and then click on the antivirus. Don’t use the freeware as they can’t remove all viruses from the system. You can use the inbuilt Windows Defender as it provides good malware and detection service. If you have any personal antivirus then run the scan and remove the viruses. Now restart the system after removing all the malware. Try to run the program and check for the error.

Remove the malicious program

Some Windows users reported that they are getting the error code with a particular program. When they are running the program; a Windows error occurs. Your Windows files will show conflict errors with malicious programs. Go to the program setup; if it is a third-party program then uninstall it. After uninstalling; remove all the related files and restart the system. Some programs also start conflicting when they are running outdated. Go to the programs folder and then tap on the update button. Install the latest update of your program and then check for errors. Also, check for the system OS update. Updating the OS can also repair your error codes.

Run System Restore

Some users get this error when they make some invalid changes to the system. Your error will get resolved when you undo the changes. But many people can’t remember the exact changes in the settings. Windows provides an inbuilt restore tool. You can use the tool for restoring your Windows device to previous times. Open the run bar and then type System Restore. Click on the result and then enter the restoring point. This tool will run and revert the changes. After restoration, the system will restart automatically. Now open a program on your device and check for the Windows error code.

At a time when our lives have been simplified by the use of fast internet and digital technologies, most would expect everything to work perfectly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When working with Windows 10, the only thing you should expect is to experience some bugs along the way

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