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How to Fix Instagram If It’s Not Working?

Instagram is a well-known social media platform and everyone is using it from a child to an old person. It’s a hub of blogging of travel, food, fashion, jewelry, and much more. As the reel option has come to. Instagram. Its audience has increased. But the bad point is what if your Instagram is not working it’s so sad for the people who have millions of followers and they get stuck with shit. So if you say my Instagram has been disabled how can I fix that. Then my friend you have to read this blog till the end and you will also get to know how to solve your login, and hacking problem also.

Why is your Instagram disabled?

So when you try to log in to Instagram a message comes off that you have gone against their community guidelines. Which means your account is disabled. You should first read their guidelines properly.

Copyright something

If you’re stealing someone else’s hard work and you are just copy-pasting videos and posting. Then that’s not right because Instagram Sees your all posts and videos. If they see that you are copy-pasting then they can disable your account. And if someone has report on your account because of copyrighting in that case also your account gets disabled. So be careful before copying other videos aur content. You should use your videos aur content on your Instagram. If you don’t want to face any problems like Disable account.

Posting against guidelines

If you are posting that stuff on your Insta which is against guidelines that cause your account to be disabled.

  • The stuff contains –
  • Nude pics and videos.
  • Abuse of animals 
  • If your videos contain drugs.

So make sure in the future don’t use any of this content to grow your channel.

Getting reports by the users 

As there are many competitors in the market. Who can’t see you growing? May be for this reason your account is getting a report. Or depending upon your niche if users don’t like your content they just report your account. So make sure to spread positive. Don’t use any videos which spread negativity or hurt someone’s feelings.

How can you recover your Instagram account?

To recover an Instagram account you have to fill the form of an Instagram in which you will request them to get your account back with the required details like name, email and phone not attached to it. And then wait for 2-3 days after making a request. Fill the form only once with proper information about your name and phone no.

How to retrieve your hacked Instagram account?

If you see that your account is hacked you should take action as early as you can because some can restore data that may harm you in the future. Just be careful of hackers, they can use your account. Here are some steps to recover your hacked account.

From email

If you have linked your Instagram account to your email then you will get a notification about Instagram login activity. In that notification, a link will be given. So use that link and change your password and then log into your Instagram account.

Request a login link 

  • Go to your Instagram app and press the login option.
  • And then you will see an option of forgetting the password.
  • Now they will redirect to the trouble login page. 
  • Then, what you have to do is fill in the required details with your phone number and mail to receive a link.
  • Now you will get a link on your SMS or your mail just press that link and change your password. So that you can get your Instagram account back.

Security code 

Instagram account hacked and tried all the above steps to get back your Instagram account this step will help you surely.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and tap on the forgot password.
  • Then you will see an option of need help? at the bottom of that page.
  • Then as always put your mail or phone number as per your convenience and press the security code.
  • Then go to the next page where you have to put your security code which has come to your phone.

How can you secure your Instagram account?

Your security should be on top I must say. As if you don’t do that then you have seen how bad your account has to suffer from the hackers. So to secure your account do these steps on your account.

Enable two-factor authentication

Open the two-factor authentication which will work as a security guard to your Instagram account. If some will try to log in to your account they will have to put code. Then only they will be able to log in to your account. So make sure to open two-factor authentication. If you have ever used to login to the Instagram website or third party app then remember you they don’t have your access information.

phishing attempts 

Sometimes you get an email from Insta and that mail is not actually on Instagram so be alert. Sometimes that mail is from hackers and that is a phishing attempt. But Instagram has a solution for this also. If you have open their security you will get to know all the emails which are sent by Instagram to you. The mails stay at the backup of the security option till 14 days only.

Login activity

Do check your Insta login activity. By opening this setting in your device.

  1. Open your account and then go to settings. 
  2. In the setting you will see an option of security .
  3. By clicking on security there will be the second option of login activity press that.
  4. When you click this option you will get to know on which devices your Instagram account is login and then you can secure your account by changing the password.

For more references related to Instagram topic go to website and find all social media blog and many more information.

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