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How To Find The Perfect Pocket Watch

How to find the perfect pocket watch? Whether worn in a pocket or as pendants, are the predecessor of portable timepieces. . Vintage watches are aimed at fans of retro design, clock enthusiasts, and vintage and antique jewelry lovers.

All of our pocket watches are reasonably priced, distinctively designed, and available to you without the need to visit an auction house. We have all kinds of pocket watches: sober, Gothic, owl, skeleton watch, keychain, necklace… they can be worn around the collar, in your jeans’ small pocket, or your watch holder.

How to find the perfect pocket watch

Pocket watches may appear to be simple and utilitarian, but that is not the case. Since their invention, pocket watches have changed dramatically.

Every decade has brought new designs, materials, and complications to the table. The design is by no means just functional, it has evolved to fit the needs and life of each generation. For beginners, it is best to start with a look at our prices and specifications.

If your pockets are large and don’t mind buying a men’s pocket watch, then we recommend one that matches your wrist size and style. These are particularly fun, stylish watches and there’s nothing wrong with a little bling.

If your pockets are not that big, then you may want to think about something more streamlined or subtle.


How to wear your watch

Pocket watch fit is extremely personal. Therefore, we only suggest wearing your pocket watch in places where it is most comfortable to do so.

Your pocket watch should fit snugly on your wrist without having any excessive feel, weight, and size. Never wear your pocket watch over the wrist (glove), even though it may fit in an external pocket. Size You can always size your pocket watch to fit any wrist size with us.

Pocket watches come in several different sizes. Depending on your wrist, you can size up to fit a wide or small wrist. Be careful about selecting the correct size because the actual width and length of the watch must be the same. Subtitle These classic pocket watches are simple and reliable. They are loved by many customers.


How to care for your watch

Polishing your watch is a simple process and can make your timepiece appear worn in a matter of minutes. One watch oil or two should do the trick. At the same time, a combination of cleaning and polishing is also important.

Simple but effective maintenance can make your watch look much more exciting. Make sure to clean and polish your watch frequently and thoroughly. For best results, consider purchasing some of the highest quality watch care products available on the market today.

Did you know that watches can become damaged by non-conforming displays? Of course, you do…But you should avoid displays made of non-recyclable materials and lack labels or numbers on them for the best reliability. Instead, you could consider your watch as a delicate antique and handle it with the care it deserves.


How to store your watch

Our watches are made of stainless steel and are assembled by hand. This means that they are generally on the more delicate side, but still quite durable.

Wearing your pocket watch is easy, you just have to remember to take it out of your pocket before leaving the house.

Don’t wear it when taking a shower, because the water may affect the movement. Carrying your pocket watch Make sure to attach your watch to a safety chain before you start your day. Before it gets too wrinkled or faded.

Keep the watch cleaner and brighter by not exposing it to excessive heat or direct sunlight. Always have a spare chain on hand and keep it in a safe place. During the night and before you go to bed, if possible, completely wind the watch. After this, put it in the safe holder.


So now you know how to find the perfect pocket watch!

Whether you’re searching for a watch to keep you constantly reminded of the time, or are after one with a fantastic design, we have the right one for you.

Our store offers pocket watches extremely well made, elegantly designed. They are also often surprisingly inexpensive. We’re inviting you to browse our collection and get started today. If you have any questions about our watches or would like to request a catalog or more information, please feel free to write us an email. Hope to see you soon!


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