How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

You could suffer an injury due to someone’s negligence or intentional act of wrongdoing. In such a case, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the person. But, the process is not as simple as walking into a courtroom and filing papers. You must get the services of an excellent personal injury attorney. 

Please ensure you hire one who specializes in the area of your lawsuit. You have options such as car accident lawyers and truck accident lawyers. Others are slip and fall lawyers and malpractice attorneys to name a few. 

Please note that the process of proving liability comes with tons of challenges. Yet as the plaintiff, the burden of proof lies on you. Different states also have varying interpretations of the laws. The right attorney should have a good grasp of the law depending on where you file the case. 

Our article will show you how to file a personal injury lawsuit. We will cover the basic things you must understand and have in place. That is the best way to increase your chances of winning the case. 

  1. Talk to a Lawyer Immediately

Let’s say you are in an accident involving a truck. As a result, you have sustained some serious injuries. One thing is for sure, working during the recovery period will not be possible. That means a loss of income for you. 

At this point, you have two types of cases you can file. The first is the personal physical injury due to the accident. The second is a personal financial injury because you will not be able to work. 

Your best bet, in this case, would be to hire truck accident lawyers. As we hinted above, there are many areas of specialization in personal injury. 

Truck accident lawyers will help you understand your legal rights regarding the case. They can also take on the task of talking to your insurance company for compensation. If the case makes it to court, the truck accident attorneys will handle the case for you. 

So why do we say that you should speak to a lawyer immediately? The first thing that may come to your head is to talk to your insurance company. But, underwriters have their own interest to take care of. That means they could try to wiggle out of fair compensation to save money.

Speaking to the police without a lawyer around may also not work in your favor. You could say some things that could make it seem that you are at fault. Allow the truck accident lawyers to do their work, which is to defend your rights. 

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

Let us continue to use the truck accident as an example. If you end up in court for personal injury, you will have to show proof of the same. Make sure you seek immediate medical attention after the accident. 

The doctors and healthcare teams will first ensure that you are alright. They will also document any injuries using photographs and written prognosis. 

You will notice that we have used the word immediate again. Let’s say you seek medical treatment after a week following the accident. What you are doing is giving the defendants’ team ammunition. How serious could the injuries have been if you could stay at home for seven days without seeking help? 

Remember. even in the hospital, do not speak to the insurance company or police without your lawyer. 

  1. Provide Your Attorney with Plenty of Information

The strength of your case lies in the information the attorneys have. And that includes what they get from interviewing you. It is in your best interest to divulge all the necessary information.

Do not find yourself in a challenging situation due to omission or commission. Hiding or adding details hoping to win the case can backfire. And, you place the lawyer in an awkward position should such information come to light. 

It is important to note that a good personal injury attorney would like to avoid a court case. Many would rather resolve the issues outside of the legal system. They will only resort to such if other parties are unwilling to negotiate or settle. Trust your lawyer with all the necessary information to help them do their work. 

  1. Filing of the Personal Injury Suit 

The advantage of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that they will take on all the processes of the case. These include:-

  • Filing of the suit, taking into consideration the different state requirements
  • Investigation of the defendant’s claims
  • Taking depositions from all the parties involved in the suit. These include yourself, the defendants, and witnesses.
  • Request for the production of documents from the relevant parties
  • Physical examinations if the defendant’s team feels it is necessary to the case.
  • Mediation or arbitration, which will include a neutral third-party
  • Negotiation for a favorable out-of-court settlement. After depositions, some will realize that they could be in the wrong. In such instances, the lawyers may advise on avoiding a court case altogether 
  • Trial if all else fails.

Do not expect an overnight resolution to the issue. Some cases can take years to settle. A good lawyer will keep up the communication to always know what is happening.

So what happens if the court case does not go in your favor? You have the option of appealing the verdict. In that case, the lawyer will show you how best to proceed.

It also helps to know that the defendant has the same option. They can choose to appeal against a verdict that favors the plaintiff. You will, at this point, appreciate taking the time to hire a good lawyer.

Final Thoughts

It may not be possible to leave a life utterly free of injury. A simple shopping trip could end up with you in the hospital. It could be a car accident or a slip and fall resulting in injuries. The right lawyer can help you get monetary compensation if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Take the time to hire an attorney specializing in your area of need. Do proper due diligence on the lawyer you want to hire. And, read customer reviews and testimonials. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for client references. It is a small step to ensuring that you have the best team of attorneys fighting for you.

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