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How to decorate your living space with jars and vases

From the very start of human civilization, humans wish to decorate the places that they live in or work. With time, the choice of decoration also changes as previously people used feathers and woodcrafts to decorate their houses. The use of jars and vases for decoration purposes is also an old practice and goes back in history. Over the years, several different types of materials are used to make jars and vases like clay, glass, quartz, feldspar etc. Almost every culture uses these materials for decorative purposes. Several different practices like painting, carving etc. used to add decorative look to jars and vases. Following are few tips that you must consider before choosing or opting decorative items for your living spaces.

Color Scheme

In this modern era when it comes to home décor then first, we think about jars and vases selection, and obviously, color choice comes first in the selection list. Now when looking for different colored vases and jars there are different choices. One can either choose according to the color scheme of the room or the surrounding where he/she had to place the item. And sometimes go for unique colors that will give an artistic and beautiful look to the rooms. Then comes the type of paint that either they are hand painted or artificially painted with the help of machines. The placement of these jars also greatly help in the selection. If they had to be placed on a central table then you must go for ceramic jars with lids. But if you want to place them in show cases then you must go for decorative ceramic jars.

Stylish & Space Convenient

Then comes the style and size of jars and vases that is to be considered in accordance with their placement and buyers choice. Mostly jars are placed in living rooms and kitchen but vases can be placed in living room, bedroom, kitchen and gardens also. Some of the decorative jars now have creative animal shapes. Different sized vases are available that can adjust in any desirable space and can be used for several purposes. For example for flower keeping or some transparent vases are used to keep designed and painted marbles. Some designed vases are also selected for keeping indoor plants in them. In urban areas with small spaces, it has become essential to decorate the rooms to feel comfortable in small spaces. Our rooms are our only sanctuary, especially the bedroom. When there is beautiful and attractive woodwork in the interior then things like carved vases greatly help in providing an additional mesmerizing look to the interior.

Decorative Ceramic Jars

Decorative Ceramic Jars

Decorative Ceramic Jars are mostly placed on tables, and as tables are placed in the center of the room so they can be used for several purposes from time to time. Decoration being the ultimate purpose they are used to keep flowers in them to increase the beauty. Occasionally they are also used for keeping the keys or fruits. To give an aesthetic look, decorative ceramic jars can also be placed on shelves in the living or drawing room.

As Additional Accomplice

By adding simple accessories like jars and vases, one can increase the beauty of his living. The products like Calyse Large Ceramic Jar and Ariana Large Ceramic Jar can greatly enhance the look of the tables, sitting and ultimately the whole room. They give positive vibes when someone looks at them. In small rooms where everyone wants to save as much space as they want, ceramic jars come in handy. They take a very little space as you can place them on a side table and even hang them on walls so that you can create a comfy look for your rooms. Sometimes the interior of your rooms urge you to add some additional things to improve the beauty of your room.

Be Ingenious

It’s not like that everyone wants to give their homes a decorative look, only those who have a creative mind will look for things like decorative pieces, jars, vases etc. With a creative mind comes the creativity for using the decorative items to enhance the charm in the best way. The people with creative minds will choose different designs of jars and vases. But go for the same color that matches the interior look of the room where you want to place them. Creativity not only helps in choosing the right items but also helps in placing the right things in the jars and vases. With a creative mind you can think about several different uses of jars as to where to place them, inside or outside, on the walls, stairs, tables or shelves.

Neatness is necessity

Neatness is necessity

Of Course when you have a decorative home you will have to pay great attention towards the regular cleaning. It’s also includes the items like jars, vases and other decorative things like wall clocks, show pieces etc. Such items are more vulnerable to dust and pollution than anything else. And if they are not to be kept clean then it will demolish the idea of decoration. Particularly when you place fresh flowers in these decorative items then their sterility is essential and the water needs to be replaced every day. This will save it from smelling and is more important to keep these items intact as they did not come very cheap. Daily and regular cleaning is compulsory to maintain the design, coloring and contour of the decorative pieces.

I hope that this article will give you ideas and tips to decorate your living spaces with such beautiful items. We are also selling best decorative items that will give an enchantress look to your living spaces. Don’t waste time and check out our online shops. We have a broad list of beautiful home furnishing products that will complete the look of your living spaces.

Author Bio:

I am Asad Ali, Graduted in climate change and crop modeling. I am interested in writing articles and publishing content on home decor and lifestyle.

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