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How to Crack the NEET Exam in First Attempt Top 10 Study Tips

How to Crack the NEET Exam in First Attempt

Always thinking about How to Crack the NEET Exam in First Attempt Here I have some information about that. For admission in the MBBS course, the common exam for that is NEET in India. As MBBS has huge demand because of that demand and completion increases every month. Hence, that makes it difficult to crack NEET in the first attempt with a good rank. After all, good rank for securing a seat in the government medical college. Handling a board and NEET exam at the same time is also difficult for first-timers

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How many students can clear NEET on their first try? 

many people apply for NEET every year. Hence, that changes the number every year around 60-70% of people crack the NEET in their first attempt. The reason behind that is a dedicated focus on the study, regular classes, and fear of wasting their first year. They prepare to clear it at their first attempt.

1. Plan a study program to achieve the NEET syllabus in time

For focusing on study many students make a schedule for their NEET exam. Hence, once you have finished your scheduling now you know what is your next step. After all, start your study on the same day it will keep you motivated for studying consistently even after you don’t have any mood for study

Don’t neglect topics and chapters which you think is less important for the NEET exam

Don’t leave any chapter because in the NEET exam they can ask any question from any topic or chapter. Hence, always complete all topics don’t leave any questions because sometimes they can even ask you simple questions also. Hence, while studying hard topics or chapters don’t think you need to cram or require long hours of study to complete that on one go. After all, always study for daily some time instead of long study

You should study from NCERT textbooks, coaching reference books for preparing NEET level problems

Main study material NCERT read whole textbooks line by line. Read everything – Exercises, summary, solved example in NCERT all is important for NEET. learn & observe all the NCERT diagrams of Physics. biology and chemistry. but remember there are also chances of a few questions may come from another syllabus other than NCERT in NEET. And those other questions can be covered by your reference books and coaching materials.

Review daily, make revision notes for last-minute revision before the tests and exam

After the study, you will also need to revise your study. After all, don’t forget to set a schedule for revision in your schedule. Not only theory but also remember to solve your problems for more effective study make diagrams flow charts, posters, tables and etc. After all, try to stick them whenever it’s possible, and look at that repeatedly.

Join coaching classes to improve your chances of cracking the NEET exam

IF you haven’t done yet join NEEt coaching classes Because coaching gives you quality teaching. In your coaching classes, questions will be conducted according to the NEET exam pattern. it will improve your confidence to crack NEET and it will help you to clear NEET at the first attempt.

Attend all classes and complete your homework/ assignments on time

be regular and attend your classes daily. Hence remember teachers will teach you key lessons and tricks. don’t miss what’s happening in your coaching classes in order to cover preview ideas or concepts, you should be focusing on completing your current assignments and homework on time.

Clear all your doubts as soon as possible to crack NEET

Doubts lead to failure, procrastination, frustration, and many more roadblocks in your training. you will have to solve your doubts ASAP. in coaching classes you can solve and clear your all doubts, learning methods, queries, or anything with that you’re getting trouble

Give mock tests, examine mistakes and then improve your performance

Regular coaching tests are only not enough you should also try to practice and give online mock tests at your home. there is a good advantage of online mock tests. with the online test, you will know your performance real quick. you can learn from your mistakes in the online tests. this will surely help you in practicing

Control your time well among studies and other tasks

As your preparing for an exam you will have to find or make a good balance between studies and other things, studying for a long time can make you exhausted and taking too many breaks may slow you down and you can’t complete your study on time so try to find the perfect balance between study and other things

Stay positive and determined to Crack the NEET Exam in First Attempt

Belive it or not but you can clear your NEET exam at your first attempt do remember all the points I have listed above and you can make it happen with it. there may be moments where you will think about you cant make it or you can feel low and end up having negative thoughts about not clearing the NEET exam at first attempt. during this time try to take break and think about it again

so follow these points and practice for your exam and revise it and you should set and follow your scheduled time table for study it may help you in clearing NEET at your first attempt


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