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How To Crack AIBE Exam?

AIBE stands for All India Bar Examination. It is conducted for all the graduate students who are willing to become a lawyer. The Bar Council Of India conducts the exam. Once the candidate clears the AIBE examination, they will be eligible to practice in any court in India. The exam is conducted in 11 languages. 

If you are also preparing for the AIBE examination, then I will be listing some of the tips for clearing the AIBE exam- 

Know The AIBE Exam Pattern & Syllabus- You should first know the syllabus when you are appearing for AIBE. Getting the idea of the syllabus, you will understand all the chapters that are coming in the examination. In AIBE, the question is generally asked from 19 subjects related to law and is usually conducted in a pen-paper mode. Since 19 subjects are there, you will have to cover a vast syllabus. When you observe the exam pattern, you will get an idea about the weightage of each chapter and how much time is allotted to complete the paper. Generally, in AIBE total time allotted is 3 hours 30 minutes.

Choose your books wisely- Nowadays, various types of books are available to prepare for the AIBE examination. If you ask the experts, they will also say the same thing. Your 50% of the preparation depends on what kind of study material you have chosen for yourself. See! You will end up with many books written by different writers in the market, and you can’t read all books. Therefore choose the right book for yourself which you think will suit you. Please go through the book before purchasing and see whether it contains all the given content which you want or not. If it includes all the books, then only buy them. 

Make AIBE Study Plan-   Once you have gathered all the essential things like the syllabus and study material, you must know the topics and chapters. So now it’s your turn to make a suitable study plan for yourself. Your study plan should be such that it creates a balance between your study and work. You may have some other work to do in a day so allot a separate time to finish all your work. Also! While dividing your time to study, you will have to divide it appropriately. Give more attention and time to the subjects you are weak and keep separate time to revise everything you have read in the entire week. Revision is the key to cracking any examination. So! Make sure to revise your lessons properly. It is important to prepare notes for the subjects. If it  is physics, create physics notes.

Solve Past Years Papers: Past year papers are beneficial for knowing the exams and examination patterns. When you study and solve your previous year’s question papers, you will have better clarity of the subjects. It will give you knowledge about different aspects of question paper like the weightage of each subject and other knowledge, like- how many questions are being asked in the examination from each subject, the difficulty level of the examination, and many more. Analyze how much you are getting while solving the paper. It will tell you where you stand. 

Appear for the mock test-  Once you have finished your preparation, all you have to do is appear for the mock examination and prepare notes. Mock tests are the best for revision. When you have learned everything, it becomes essential to revise your syllabus. Revision makes you perfect. Humans tend to forget things they don’t want to do in examinations. Forgetting things leads to wrong answers, fewer marks, etc. 

So! When you appear for the mock test, you will be able to revise your learning, and also you will be able to manage your time correctly. 

Final Words

Since in the AIBE examination, you will have to complete 19 subjects, therefore, it’s going to be challenging to crack the examination. But! No need to worry. Follow the steps mentioned above, or you can also refer to the best app for online classes or online education app for better preparation. 

Good Luck! 


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