How to Convert Batches of Outlook PST to MBOX on Mac OS?

Well, if you want to convert PST to MBOX on Mac OS in batches. Then, try out the technique mentioned here to change the file extensions to .mbox format. MBOX is the common file format to store the email data.

With a PST to MBOX Converter, one can easily export the Outlook PST files to mailbox format. But before performing any process, ensure the reason and the mode of conversion – in Batch or selective mode. As here we will be discussing the approach to perform batch conversion of the files.

In the next section, you will get the reason to which what makes the MBOX files format the most common and recommended file format.

Why There is a Need to Switch to MBOX File Format?

There are various benefits associated with MBOX files and various reasons for people to switch to MBOX file formats. Thus, look below the needs and reasons as to why people prefer to switch to MBOX: –

  • People switch and use various types of email clients these days for a better experience, therefore, switching to a different emailing platform might create havoc with the previous email client, thus people prefer to convert their previous file formats to the currently supported one.
  • Another reason could be that result into the conversion of files from PST to MBOX is crashing or corruption of Outlook application that might can result in the loss of all your data in just a minute. Therefore, because of this also people want to convert their Outlook PST file to MBOX on Mac.
  • And lastly, there might be people who don’t even have Outlook application with them anymore, therefore, they want to convert their PST files to MBOX without Outlook installation. This is the most common reason why people want to convert their files.

Thus, you might have read the reasons above, thus, you must be ready to convert PST to MBOX on Mac.

The Demanding & Rich Guide – Convert PST to MBOX on Mac

People with Outlook applications have problems later but that only happens with fewer users. And because of the corruption or crash of the application, the users then force to convert their Outlook PST files to MBOX format on Mac. Outlook application stores all your data in PST file format; therefore, it becomes very crucial to preserve and protect their important emails, calendars, notes, journals, etc.

The Outlook application is a much-demanded email client thus people use it for their professional work more. So, protecting and securing their important emails becomes one of their sole duty. While many of the users don’t even have Outlook applications with them but might have a backup of Outlook in *.pst format. Thus, seek for solution to convert PST to MBOX without Outlook.

Overview of PST and MBOX Email Files

PST file or personal storage table stores your important emails, calendars, contacts, and other related features in the file. It thus becomes an important source of information where losing them becomes a huge liability for the users to pay off. Therefore, if they shift to another email client that supports MBOX file format so it becomes difficult for the users to Convert their PST file to MBOX manually.

There are various methods listed on the internet but none of them could be proved 100% reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, we would provide the best method to perform the task right now.

In this article, we would give you the best and reliable technique to Convert PST to MBOX on Mac. Read and follow the article carefully.

Instant Solution for Mac Users – Convert PST to MBOX

The most probable and trustworthy guide for you to Convert PST to MBOX on Mac. We have come up with the most valuable and powerful tool, MacUncle PST Converter. This utility can quickly and effectively convert your PST files to MBOX right away without glitches and errors. Also, the tool produces 100% accurate results as soon as you upload the PST files to the software. The wizard converts all your PST files with all the Meta components of the PST files to MBOX. The application offers you a dual-mode to upload the PST files in the software, either in bulk quantity or selectively using the Filter options. The software comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI that enables non-technical users to operate the software easily.

The wizard preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the procedure. The utility offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions.

Also, get try out the tool – OLM Converter for Mac for Outlook for Mac Data files.

Features of the Tool

The utility mentioned here was tested and it works properly on Mac OS. Without the assistance of any external application, one can easily convert multiple Outlook PST files. Here are some of the highlighted features of the application.

  • The tool works well and produces great results; thus, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • The application is designed for Mac OS editions above 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • The tool offers you 100% safety and security while processing your PST files and converts them to MBOX trouble-free.
  • Set up the application effortless without any hassle, and start the tool right away after installation.

Try the Demo PST to MBOX Converter

Before purchasing the application test the tool with the demo version by converting 25 Outlook PST files to MBOX on Mac. Then, later purchase its professional version to get complete control over the tool. With the upgraded version one can convert multiple email files to MBOX format or any other format without any trouble.

The Steps to Convert PST to MBOX on Mac

The procedure is straight forward there is no requirement of any explanation. While the article here is for all the users, therefore the mentioned are the steps to convert the Outlook data files to MBOX format. Get the tool on Mac Machine and follow the steps.

  1. Now choose your PST files that you wish to convert to MBOX using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options.
  2. Then select the MBOX option from the Select Saving list.
  3. You can then also choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions. Finally, press the Export button.

You will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the same.

Final Words

The article highlights the right technique to Convert PST to MBOX on Mac. People post on our website regarding the issues they are facing and seek a solution, therefore, we have provided the best possible solution to perform the task easily. The Converter tool will give 100% accurate results with a maintained email structure and meta information. As the tool does not require any external support while performing the procedure, the installation of Outlook is not needed. With ease perform batch conversion of PST to MBOX on Macintosh OS.

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