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How to clean your shower head?

When you invest and experience bathing sessions under a newly-bought opulent showerhead, you understand the feel of powerful water streams falling all you’re your body. However, the sudden water delivery in the form of a misty spritz might be a concerning factor from your shower head.

Despite looking insignificant, showerhead cleaning is often the most forgotten and unattended task. But cleaning your bathroom shower can bring about a dramatic impact. Apart from the water pressure improving, cleaning showerheads can have multiple health advantages as seen and tried by the best plumbing services Brisbane.

Knowing How to Help Your Shower Get Back to Its Best Performance

  • Use Your Fingers to Massage the Shower Nozzles

A large majority of the shower heads consist of flexible nozzles made of rubber. This makes it easy for you to evict the mineral build-up in the shower nozzles by using your fingers to massage each of the nozzles. You can also take the help of a toothbrush to scrub the nozzle gently.

  • Douse Your Shower Head in A Vinegar Solution

You can do this in two ways:

  • If you are going to keep the shower head attached to the pipe installed on the wall, consider wrapping it around with a vinegar-filled plastic bag.
  1. Use a rubber band to tie the plastic bag around the showerhead. You can also use a twist tie or tape for the purpose.
  2. Let the plastic bag stay on the shower head for several hours.
  • Now remove the plastic bag and let the water flow to eliminate the vinegar from the showerhead.
  • If you have no problems removing the showerhead from the pipe, you can always dunk the showerhead in vinegar. Douse your showerhead in vinegar-filled vinegar.
  1. For a few hours, soak your showerhead in a vinegar solution.
  2. Re-install the showerhead to the pipe and let the water run for some time, so your vinegar gets cleared out.
  • Clear Out the Filter Screen

You might need help from a residential plumber to clear your filter screen. They will assist you in eliminating build-up, debris, and dirt from the filter screen. The filter screen is present in that region of the showerhead which is attached to the pipe. To access the filter screen, you have to detach the showerhead from the shower pipe. Use tweezers to pull the screen out and rinse it to flush the build-up.

  • Using Baking Soda for Squeaky Clean Showerheads

Baking soda is one of the most effective cleaning products that prove helpful in getting rid of harmful bacteria and gunk from the showerheads. They are great when it comes to calcium deposit desolation. Using baking soda to clean shower heads is termed descaling.

Here’s how to clean your showerhead using baking soda:

Create the Mixture

Combine 1/3 cup of baking soda along with one cup of white vinegar in a plastic bag for a fizzy cleaning mixture. This mixture will begin to bubble, the effect of which is much desired.

Submerge the Showerhead in the Concoction

Submerge your entire showerhead in the concoction and attach the bag to the showerhead neck with the help of a rubber band.

Keep the Showerhead Soaked in the Mixture Overnight

Once you have attached the plastic bag with the showerhead, and once the showerhead is completely doused in the vinegar solution, you can wrap it up. The next day before you begin to take a shower, remove the bag and let some hot water run so the showerhead is completely rinsed.

Plumbing Professionals Easy Shower Head Cleaning

To maintain steady water pressure and perfect, you have to minimize the bacteria growth. Ensure a routine cleaning every month. A few other shower head cleaning tips that you must adhere to are:

  • Avoid Using Bleach for Shower Cleaning

As per studies, chlorine bleach can accelerate bacteria production in showerheads. Apart from this, bleach can create havoc on your clothes. Hence, always keep away from it.

  • Stay Away from Hard-Bristled Brush

Chrome or metal finish present in the showerhead might be vulnerable to both scuffing and scratching.

  • Always Work in Spaces with Good-Ventilation

In case you are taking the help of a cleaning agent that includes a strong fume, ensure the space where you are administering it has good ventilation. This can contain vinegar and commercial cleaning products. While everybody’s reaction to fumes is different, it is always a viable option to keep your ventilation fan option, every time you are conducting a showerhead clean-up or hiring a residential plumber to do the job.

Maintaining the Health of Your Showerhead

  • Avoid Aggressive Scrubbing

When cleaning your showerhead, avoid aggressive scrubbing to rule out the chances of scratching the finish of the showerhead.

  • Store and Keep Your White Vinegar Solution Ready in the Bathroom

Store a white vinegar solution inside a spray bottle ready inside your bathroom, so you can spray the same on your showerhead’s nozzle post-shower. This might unclog the showerheads.

  • Shop for Shower Head Filters

As per research, the bacteria residing in your shower head is harmless. However, to be on the safe side, go for metal showerheads instead of plastic variants and invest in a shower head filter to make way for a perfect water flow.

Your showerhead must always appear fresh and new. So, the next time you see the slightest changes in your showerhead or have doubts over its performance call one of the expert plumbing services near you right away to get it checked and diagnosed.

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