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How To Clean Your Room With ADHD (5 Tips)

ADHD and housekeeping might seem to consume your life depending on your personality. The ADHD brain leads to issues like organization and clutter everywhere you look. Whenever you attempt to clean, you give up as soon as you get overwhelmed.

The pain you feel is understandable and recognizable to us. A person with ADHD has a difficult time organizing their thoughts. People with ADHD have a hard time cleaning, which is unfortunate for anyone who may want an organized home.

Additionally, we all lead busy lives, and many of us have little extra money to spare. Our busy lives make it hard for us to clean our homes ourselves. Furthermore, we cannot afford to pay someone else to do it. This problem seems to never end for many, especially those with ADHD. If you do not have time, energy, or motivation, how do you clean the house?

It’s impossible to make ADHD and house cleaning easy, but it is possible to manage small chores better. House cleaning is no longer an impossible task since you have the right tools and strategies.

Regularly Practice Decluttering

Oftentimes, you seem to constantly fight clutter when you have ADHD and house cleaning to do. Organization is a problem for many people with ADHD. It is a difficult task to stay organized with an ADHD mind that jumps from one idea to another and always forgets to put things back. The result is that many people with ADHD end up with a lot of clutter, whether or not they intend to.

Whether at home, in their car, or even at work, clutter follows them everywhere. In addition to clutter, they have trouble organizing their homes and are overwhelmed by the mess, making it difficult to even know where to begin. You should start decluttering regularly if you find yourself in this constant struggle.

In order to declutter your home, you don’t have to clean it all at once. It’s true that a complete house cleaning can be helpful, but it won’t resolve the clutter issue. You should instead practice decluttering one room a day.

Make sure you clean one room in the morning before you go to work. Spend ten minutes in this same area when you return home as well. You can pick what you want this way up a little bit each day without becoming overwhelmed by the task and without getting lost in your clutter.

Use Bins For Organization

You should also consider using bins for organization in order to help you declutter, deal with ADHD, and keep your home clean. We tend to accumulate clutter by not putting things in their proper places. Eventually, it becomes impossible to store stuff without creating piles.

Put clear plastic bins in lots of different places in your house so that you can fight clutter before it develops. Bins should be labelled with general categories. Think about your own clutter and make a list of what items accumulate around your house. If you can’t come up with any general categories, look through your own clutter. Put your bins in the categories that end up piled everywhere.

Begin organizing your clutter by placing it into the correct bins. Once you’ve filled up a bin, it has to be emptied. Get rid of junk from a full garbage can by going through it and removing unnecessary items and finding a place to store the items you want to keep. You can continue with this process over and over as you go through your clutter and as you bring more things home.

Make sure you put everything you bring home in a bin when you don’t have a place for it. When you’re looking for something to do with the extra stuff, the bins act as a holding spot. By doing this, you will be able to keep everything organized and you will not be stressed about cleaning and finding places for everything. Organization should be made as simple as possible so that it can be done automatically.

Set A Cleaning Schedule

You should also remember that if you don’t plan to clean, you won’t ever get it done. Each of us has a packed schedule, and we all have plenty of excuses why we can’t accomplish something. Most of us never have time to clean our houses because we always have something better to do. House cleaning will almost never get done if we don’t schedule time for it first.

You should decide which areas need to be cleaned daily, weekly, and monthly when creating a cleaning schedule. Housework does not have to be done every day or even every week. Halls, for instance, are some of these things closest you rarely use, you don’t even need to clean it once a month.

Then, you should make your cleaning schedule by taking the time to list out all of the tasks that you normally need to do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As soon as you have assigned your categories and tasks, put them on a calendar that you can see every day.

Have A Cleaning Chart

Our inability to keep track of what we’ve done and what we still have to do is also a contributing factor to ADHD and house cleaning issues. ADHD brains move quickly from one thing to the next without taking time to reflect or concentrate. Our tasks can easily become disorganized due to quick processing.

Maintain a cleaning chart so that you don’t lose track. As you already have a cleaning schedule, this chart should be used alongside it. When you created the schedule, your goal was to outline all the cleaning tasks that you needed to accomplish. You can use the chart to take those same tasks and mark them off if they were completed on time.

Your chart can be broken down by week. With a dry erase board, you can create a chart. You will be able to clean this way and update the board each week without having to throw it away and start all over.

By writing in the chart at the beginning of the week, you will have an idea of which tasks you plan on completing. By marking them off one by one, you can keep track of your work. Thus, the tasks that have been completed can be seen by everyone helping.

Have A Daily Cleaning Regimen

You need a daily cleaning regimen after creating a cleaning chart. The biggest problem with ADHD and house cleaning is that even if you set up a schedule and chart, you might not get anywhere. Due to not making the right time allocation to complete your tasks, you might still be stuck where you are. By starting a cycle of having to complete tasks but not completing them, you do not clean.

Ideally, you should schedule time each day for house cleaning to break the cycle. For cleaning, you don’t need to allot much time. In the end, if you include it in your daily ADHD routine, overtime you will reduce the amount of time it takes to clean.

Aim to do 15 to 30 minutes of housework a day on your calendar. The work can even be split up so that you do half in the morning and half in the evening if you want to. If cleaning fits into your schedule, you can do it however works best for you.

Cleaning should take no longer than 15 minutes per day. Your schedule needs to be reevaluated if you cannot find this much time. Spend a little time cleaning rather than wasting it on unimportant tasks.

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