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How to Clean Dog urine from your carpet and its odors

This kind of annoyance, especially with puppies that have not yet acquired cleanliness, is encountered at one time or another by all dog owners. In some cases, it has nothing to do with an education not yet completed. The dog may have walked or laid down on urine before coming home. Whatever the cause, the smell of dog urine (or any other animal, for that matter) in the habitat is extremely unpleasant. The situation worsens over time if no one does a good carpet cleaning, not to mention the appearance of unsightly stains that become difficult to remove.

However, there are some very simple tips by UCM Upholstery Cleaning that allow you to clean the traces of urine, but also and above all to remove the smell, for a healthy interior and pleasant to live in for everyone. These solutions also call for economical products available everywhere.

Anyone who has a rug or carpet at home, it is very likely that your pet will urinate on occasion.

In this article we give you some tips on how to clean the carpet or the carpet of your home from the pee of your pet at first, taking into account that this carpet or carpet will require professional cleaning in a second cleaning.

It does not matter that the pee is from a dog, cat, rabbit, ferret … the composition of urine is similar in all animals. All pee contains ammonia!

How not to clean dog urine.

For cleaning a carpet dirty with animal urine, remember we will NOT use bleach or ammonia, since it is a component of urine, we will not be able to clean it completely, and we can also enhance the smell instead of removing it.

Since no one has cleaned the carpet well, your pet may take it as an invitation to continue to pee on the carpet.

How to clean dog urine.

First, you must put absorbent material to remove all the liquid possible and as soon as possible. You can use kitchen paper, cat litter or rabbit paper/wood pellets.

Second, you can use vinegar to clean and neutralize the smell of urine.

If vinegar does not work in cleaning your carpet, there are commercial soaps with active enzymes or bacteria that help destroy the rest of the dirt.

How to clean a dried urine stain

In case the animal urine stain has a time, we will directly pour commercial soaps with enzymes or bacteria, in high quantity.

We remind you that a carpet dirty with animal urine must be well cleaned and disinfected by UCM Upholstery Cleaning a highly qualified professional team.

Deodorant and cleanser

Very practical, professional deodorants and cleaners are supposed to be used. Your pets have no limits when it comes to defecating. They are also likely to leave involuntary traces in the event of illness (fecal matter, vomiting). To face this challenge, multi-purpose sprays are very versatile. They can:

  • deep cleaning by attacking stains at the root
  • apply on rugs, carpets, upholstery and many others…
  • dry up and disintegrate old and new stains
  • In short, a quick and efficient solution to clean and eliminate bad odors.

Remember that one of the main enemies of carpets is wine. If you need professional help with the total cleaning of wine stains from your carpet or carpet, do not hesitate to contact UCM Upholstery Cleaning.

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