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How to Clean Burnt Frying Pans – Latest Guide 2021

How to Clean Burnt Frying Pans? Whether you use a stove, an electric frying pan or an induction cooker, foods tend to stick to the bottom of your pan and leave burnt residue which is very hard to clean.

Sometimes cooking burn the pot or pan and make it sticky. There are ways to clean such a mess. But you have to follow proper way of soaking , usage of cleaning and good solution.

Some Frying pans do not have a great life span but some healthy frying pans lasts longer with you. Grease from food and wear and tear from repeated use make this cookware lose its coating, resulting in a burnt pan you need to clean. A dirty, burnt pan creates more mess and effort as you will most likely need to scrub it several times before it is free of burnt grease and food residue. While some are stuck with the seemingly tricky task of cleaning their burnt pan, soaking it with a soft sponge in hot water should be enough.

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Cleaning your pan can be really tough if you don’t know which method to use. So here are some tips for How to clean burnt frying pans.

Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for cleaning purposes since the dawn of time. It makes sense that we would learn to harness its power as a weapon against burnt cooking grease. Plus, many times they can come at a fraction of the cost of specialty chemical products. By mixing equal parts white vinegar and water, then bringing the solution to just below a boil in your cookware, you can help loosen and remove burnt-on grease or tarnish.

The acidic nature of the vinegar and the alkaline of soda is an excellent combination for lifting burnt-on food from pots and pans. The heat also helps aid this process. If your burn was bad enough, all the food will come off easily with a soft scrubbing brush.

Clean with Salt

Salt is great for alleviating scorch marks in pans and is especially great for greasy messes on non-stick surfaces. Salt can be found in most kitchens and it’s very cheap, This is most effective and cheapest method to clean frying pans. Mix the salt with detergent and then apply in the pan and scrub.

Adding salt and a small amount of Liquid to water, and then rubbing it back and forth on the pot. You’ll find this is an effective way to remove even the toughest burnt-on messes.

Clean with Soda

Cleaning burnt pans is a bad job. Scraping burnt food out of a frying pan is not any fun at all. But this trick, done before washing, makes the cleaning process much easier and less time consuming. The bubbles in the soda mixture help to loosen the grimy burnt bits from the bottom of the pan while rinsing off anything that’s loosened once done. This method can also work for cleaning your oven.

To clean burnt frying pans, fill the pan with cold water and add soda. When the pan is first removed from the heat or cooled from cooking, there is still carbon on its surface. The caustic soda combination makes it very effective on cleaning burnt food. Enjoy.


There are more ways to clean a burnt frying pan than you would have imagined. From ketchup to bleach, there is a sure-fire way to revive your cookware and return it back to it’s original state.

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