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How To Choose The Right Elevators For Your Building In 2021

Choosing the right elevator for your building requires careful thought. While budget is always top of mind, your elevator needs to meet your needs for capacity, access, and operation. Here we look at some of the best elevators available for your building in 2021.

Vertech Residential Elevators

If you are looking for an elevator that doesn’t take up too much space, is aesthetically pleasing, and also offers smooth function. This elevator is designed with space limitations in mind, which operates with a machine room-less system. It is at the top of its class when it comes to installation and operation with the system housed within the shaft, so no additional space is required for installation. It is also energy efficient with lighting units that only use power when the elevator is in operation. Its many benefits include:

  • Takes up less space so can be placed in almost any location
  • Reliable, smooth operation
  • Customizable features including your choice of either a manual accordion gate or automatic sliding doors
  • Energy efficiency
  • Stylish design
  • Canadian made
  • Compact design

It offers all the conveniences of a traditional elevator, allowing you to easily access upper floors without taking up space for the works.

Federal’s Renaissance Elevator

If a customized style is important to you, you need to look no further than Federal’s Renaissance residential elevator. The focus for this elevator is premium design both in form and function. If you want an elevator that provides access throughout the home but that won’t interfere with the carefully decorated elements of your space, this is the right choice for you.

Each element of the elevator can be customized to suit your home layout and interior design scheme. You choose every detail not just for the appearance, but also for the features such as the speed levels and configurations. This in hand with superior finishes provides an elevator that will allow you to enjoy your space and fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle. Federal’s Renaissance elevator offers the following benefits:

  • Customized design to suit your décor style
  • Quality construction
  • Customized speeds and configurations
  • Outstanding safety features
  • Durable operation and performance

It provides superior manufacturing, safety, and performance testing to ensure you can enjoy it’s beauty and function for years to come.

Stiltz Home Lift

If you find your space makes it difficult to find a supporting wall for an elevator installation, the Stiltz Home Lift is the perfect solution. This elevator is designed to fit into just about any space, using a twin rail system that can be installed where it makes the most sense for your layout and needs. It offers easy integration with a compact elevator with many advantages including:

  • Compact and affordable
  • Fits in with any décor scheme
  • Easy to operate hold-to-run controls
  • Versatile design for flexible installation
  • More appealing than a stairlift, but just as affordable
  • No need for building an elevator shaft

It is the ideal choice that allows you to gain complete mobility without the need for shafts or supporting walls.

Federal Care-Lift Wheelchair Lift

If you need wheelchair access for a commercial or residential building, Federal’s Care-Lift Wheelchair Lift is the perfect solution. It offers an affordable solution with dependable construction and smooth operation. It doesn’t just provide a functional purpose. This elevator offers a wide range of finishes and colours to allow it to fit in with any design scheme. It offers a hydraulic wheelchair lift with many benefits including:

  • Accessibility for everyone throughout the home or building
  • Custom designs for your building’s requirements
  • Compact design to fit in small spaces
  • Reliability thanks to superior design
  • Smooth operation

When trying to find the right hydraulic wheelchair lift, the Federal Care-Lift is the answer.

Atlas Vertical Platform Lift

Its advantages include:

  • Seamless operation allowing for entry into the building
  • Safe, easy boarding and exiting with automatic self-lowering and remote control
  • Customizable configurations suited to any layout
  • Innovative design for smooth, dependable, quiet operation
  • Integrated safety locks and non-slip flooring
  • Weather-resistant materials ideal for durable outdoor use

If you need wheelchair accessibility inside or out, the Atlas Vertical Platform Lift is the right choice for you.

These elevators Calgary offer the right fit for residential and many commercial applications, customized to suit your needs.

Ascension Elevators is focused on going up and beyond… unless you need to go down. Either way, Ascension is here to make your life more convenient through an enjoyable installation experience and superior elevator product. We care about helping you maintain your freedom!


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