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How to Choose the Perfect Floor Scraper

The lay notion is that to remove fixed or complex floor materials, you may need something heavy, massive, and more robust. But that is not entirely true. A simple ride on floor scraper may also give you the desired, if not better, results. But how can you know for sure what works best and where? There are a multitude of things you need to consider before zeroing down on a floor scraper. You need to weigh your needs and objectives with the utility and features you’re looking for.

Here are four essential things to consider before you decide on the floor scraper to get the job done:

Area & Size: Keeping the area in which it is supposed to be used in mind is paramount when using floor scrapers. Depending on the area and surface, you can opt for a ride on or walk-behind scraper. It is best to opt for a walk-behind variant if you have a smaller area as it can be relatively easier to handle and move around. Likewise, ride-on scrapers are known to be perfect for huge spaces as they can accelerate the pace of the process. So before you go in to make the big buy, it is vital to consider the area and choose a suitable variant having the right kind of size.

Scraper Battery: Another essential thing to look for is the battery specification. It is because scrapers with batteries made of liquid solvent electrolytes, or wet batteries, run optimally only for the first few hours and then need constant charging. In complete contrast to this, scrapers with absorbent glass matt batteries are perfect as they provide a prolonged output, thereby ensuring your work is not hampered or delayed. Irrespective of the variant you choose, remember to specifically lookout for the type of battery and its shelf life to avoid hidden costs in the future and get the desired results.

Construction: Different scrapers work on different technologies. It is precisely because of their construction. While some use the ramming technique and heightened force to scrape the surface, others work on blade construction. The best part about using scrapers with blades is that they can swiftly change their angle and pitch instead of those without them. It would be best if you remembered a standard tip to choose a scraper that can do as many tasks as possible and swiftly work on various surfaces. With a blade construction scraper, this is very much possible.

Power Source: And finally, depending on where the scraper will be used, indoors or outdoors, you need to keep the power source in mind before making the purchase. For example, propane-powered scrapers are the best fit for a large outdoor area like a running track or basketball court as they don’t need frequent recharging. However, a ride on floor scraper consisting of a battery-powered motor should do the trick for a large indoor area. So area and surface are also some crucial factors that you need to pay heed to.

By taking the pointers mentioned above into consideration, you can be sure to find a versatile floor scraper that also gives quick and efficient results and requires little or no maintenance. Check for each of the elements and pat yourself for a worthwhile investment later!

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