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How to choose the ideal cities for digital nomads?

With so many companies encouraging remote work options and giving opportunities to freelancers working independently from anywhere.

This has led to the increase in the number of digital nomads across the globe.

Considering this growing trend, many countries are launching varieties of special visas allowing people to stay in their country for a certain period, making it easy for them to work remotely.

They run special campaigns to attract digital nomads to their country.

Fortunately, many countries like Georgia, Albania, etc. have a low cost of living allowing digital nomads to live an excellent quality of lifestyle.

In this article we will discuss some of the ways to pick ideal cities for your digital nomad life.

What do you expect from the destination?

What kind of destination do you like? Do you like a place rich in culture, historic places, monuments, or amidst nature?

Whatever your expectation is, there are some detitanations that nearly meet your destination.

You must remember that visiting a place on a vacation and working remotely from the same place gives an entirely distinct experience.

Unlike normal lifestyle, as a digital nomad you need to find a balance between your work and travel plans.

For example, in your normal life, you might be living in a spacious house with access to your private car. In contrast to this, in your nomad life, you may have to live on Airbnb and use public transportation to commute.


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Let us now get back to selecting the ideal cities for digital nomad life.


What should you consider?

Internet connection

You need an uninterrupted internet connection to ensure that your work is not compromised.  Based on the kind of work you do and the amount of time you need internet access, the internet speed requirement varies.

You could use some online tools to test the internet speed or may ask the people already living in that place and understand which network works good there.

Health care

It is significant to consider superior quality health care in your destination. You may find it exciting and magical to work from a village, howbeit, you should not compromise with your health.

Anything can happen, right? There are chances that you are exposed to some health issues such as malaria, flu, fever, etc.

With easy and quick access to health care facilities, you can keep yourself safe and recover soon.

Besides this, you need to understand what kind of social scene you wish for. Do you want to be at a place you are the sole foreigner or want to work in a place with active community.

There is no general answer to this. It depends on who you are, the kind of digital nomad life you wish to experience.

By answering these questions, you will now have clarity on what you need and want from your digital nomad life. You can do research to locate the ideal cities that meet your requirements and affordability

European cities such as Budapest, Istanbul, Kyiv, Lisbon, Madrid, etc., Asian cities such as Bangkok, Bali, Chiang Mai, are ideal choices.

And if you wish to work in big cities in America, you may consider Medellin, Mexico City, Cuenca, Merida, etc.

Concluding thoughts

I hope this article helps you to decide on your destination. If you know any other places in the world ideal for digital nomads, please let us know.

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