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How to Choose best MBA colleges in Delhi

There is only one word that comes to mind when choosing the right MBA college in Delhi – . The government sets no transparent process or standard like that in high schools and colleges. Moreover, there are dozens of new B-schools opening every year, which adds to the confusion. 

There are also vested interests at play as different magazines and newspapers have published other facts, figures, and guidance. Choosing an MBA college in Delhi, therefore, requires extra care. You need to consider a few factors to find the right school. Make sure you follow these guidelines, and you will be on the right path.

How to choose a good MBA college in Delhi

You can measure an MBA college by certain parameters even though there are no clear guidelines or rules and regulations for choosing an MBA college in Delhi. Using this method, you’ll be able to see clearly which college is best for you, or at the very least, narrow down your options.

Here is a guide to finding the best MBA Colleges in Delhi:

1. Your Career Plan

Know your career plan and what you want from your MBA college first and foremost. If you consider your career goals and what you want to do, then you will have a clearer idea of which college is right for you. When choosing a college, you need to make sure the college offers the particular specialization that you want.

2. Make a List

Once you have a clear picture of your career path, make a list of MBA colleges that match your career goal. Of course, you should consider your choice carefully, so make a list of colleges you prefer more than others. By doing this, you can significantly reduce the number of colleges to choose from.

3. Colleges Accreditation

There is no doubt that this is the most important factor. The college you are applying to should require the AICTE and AIU to accredit you. Visiting the official websites of the AICTE and AIU will allow you to verify whether the college is listed. Without accreditation, MBA degrees are not valued by the market. You are probably aware of how expensive MBA college tuition is. Consider accredited colleges if you want to earn a valid degree and a highly regarded education.

4. Faculty

Take a close look at the faculty of the college. Ensure that the faculty is a good mixture of young and experienced members. Additionally, you can check online reviews or speak with former students about their experiences. Excellent faculty at MBA colleges is considered the best. Graduates of good MBA programs usually prosper in their professional careers.

6. Pedagogy & Curriculum

Modern teaching methods are so much different from those of the past. Learning just theory is no longer the norm. The best MBA programs in the country have top-of-the-line pedagogy and curriculum. To find a program with outstanding pedagogy and curriculum, pay close attention to teaching methods. Participants should be able to apply their knowledge in a practical way, participate in group discussions, self-evaluate, and solve real-time problems with industry experts. Therefore, when looking for MBA schools, look for these qualities.

7. Additional Relevant Certifications & Programs

You should look beyond an MBA degree. These schools provide their students with the competitive edge they need to succeed. Furthermore, they also offer internationally recognized certification programs in addition to their specializations. As a result, you become a desirable candidate for the best companies and you are more likely to receive a higher salary offer when you complete these courses.

8. Infrastructure

The infrastructure of an MBA college is a key determinant of quality. If you consider a few colleges, visit their campuses if you have shortlisted them. Students from Western countries and some Eastern countries take the trouble of visiting the colleges they have applied to. It is the same for you. Make sure the college has a good infrastructure. If you’re going to spend two significant years at the university, then you’ll want good infrastructure.

9. Legacy of the College

There has been a long history of MBA colleges in Delhi. If these colleges were not good, they wouldn’t exist. You must consider the history of the college before applying. There are other colleges and institutions affiliated with the MBA college that are worth examining. You should also consider the college for admission if these also have a good reputation.

10. Placement Record

There are very few MBA colleges In Delhi that claim 100% placement. Few people bother to verify whether it’s true, and what kinds of companies hired students from the college. Only the best MBA schools attract the best companies. Therefore, you should inquire as to which companies participate in campus placement drives and what salaries are on offer.

11. Alumni

It is best to get feedback from former students. It’s possible to track them down through college social media groups or alumni associations. There is a good chance you’ll get an honest account of their college experiences from most of them. In addition to asking about placements and education, you can also inquire about starting salaries and faculty.

12. International Exposure

The MBA education you receive cannot be localized in the globalized world we live in. If you’re interested in an MBA program that also provides you with the chance to gain international exposure through overseas internships and placements, and student exchange programs, you should look for an MBA college in Delhiwith an international standard curriculum. Consider partnerships and affiliations with reputable universities and institutes.

13. Location

It is much more likely for an MBA college in a metro city to be highly regarded if it is situated on a campus with extensive facilities. There are many top MBA colleges throughout the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. However, these cities are only accessible to the best MBA colleges. A number of reputable MBA colleges are also located in prominent education hubs like Indore and Pune.

Final Thoughts

Following the advice above, you will be able to decide which MBA college in Delhi is right for you. However, the cost of pursuing an MBA is significant, so be sure to choose the right school that will put you on the right path to success. Our MBA  Admission counselors will be able to provide you with all the information you need to know about the MBA program.

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