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How to catchup sound sleep without struggling

Getting the right amount of quality sleep is important to build up overall health. Sleeping better and tighter offers a number of health benefits, like a supercharged body during the day, better immune function, and boosting brain power to process and store new information.

On the contrary, not having enough sleep has consequences that can interfere with your daily routine. Sleeping less than seven hours on a regular basis can increase the risk of various ailments like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke. The same may also result in weight gain, reduced immune function, and a greater risk of falls and accidents.

If you haven’t slept peacefully for a few nights, it’s high time you do everything to catch up on sound/quality sleep. You can begin with getting a comfy mattress by searching for the best mattress to buy in Bangalore

Apart from buying the best mattress in Bengaluru, there are other steps you can take to catch up on sufficient, quality sleep.

But before moving on to catching up on sleep, let’s first understand what insufficient sleep or sleep debt is and how it affects a person’s health.

The Sleep Debt

Sleep debt or sleep deficit, or insufficient sleep, is the difference between the amount of sleep a person needs and the amount of sleep they actually get. For instance, your body needs to sleep 8 hours a day, and you sleep for only 6 hours, then 2 hours is your sleep deficit. 

You can cover the same by sleeping 30 – 60 minutes prior to your usual sleeping time for a few days. Sometimes, it’s hard to find that you are sleep-deprived because it always doesn’t result in tiredness. Still, if you keep putting your sleep schedule at stake, your body will show significant declines in mental and physical performance.

How To Avoid Sleep Debt?

One of the ways to avoid sleep debt is by understanding how much sleep your body needs and create a sleeping schedule accordingly and not let anything come between it.

The amount of sleep required varies from person to person, like most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, whereas children and teenagers need even more to support their bodies as they grow and develop.

Getting sufficient sleep increases cognitive performance and makes you focused and efficient during the day. Here are a few more tips that will help you improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Make a sleep schedule:

Setting a sleep schedule allows you to prioritize sleep over work, study, and the internet and ensure that you get sufficient rest. In case you find the need to change your sleep schedule, do it slowly by modifying it by 30- to 60-minutes.

  • Night routine may help:

Having a proper night routine will help your body to relax and get quality sleep. You can set an alarm 30 minutes before your sleep time to get ready for sleep. This will help you dim the lights on time, turn off all electronics, and find a relaxing activity that helps you sleep.

  • Change the bedroom environment for good:

Improve your bedroom environment for better sleep. Keep the temperature you find suitable for sleeping, block out any noises or lights that might keep you awake, and consider replacing your mattress if they’re getting worn or uncomfortable. You can buy the best mattress in Bengaluru that helps you get comfortable to sleep.

  • Evaluate your daytime activities:

If you are not sleeping well for a long time, consider any daytime activity that might be the reason behind your sleeping issues. Ensure that you do enough physical activity during the day and do not consume caffeine close to bedtime. Also, limiting screen time will help you sleep better.

Catching Up On Sleep

If you are sleep deprived for long and want to catch up on sleep, here are a few ideas that can help you get back to a healthy sleep schedule and healing from the effects of sleep loss:

  • Be Consistent:

Allot a good time for your sleep into your schedule, and try keeping your morning and bedtime alarm the same for every day. Even if you want to change your sleeping schedule, start by shifting it by 10 – 15 minutes daily. Although maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is recommended for a good sleep cycle.

  • Maintain A Diary:

With a sleep diary, you can track your sleep patterns and find those that are affecting your sleep. It only takes a few minutes a day to maintain a sleep diary, but the same can help you get better sleep.

  • Go For an Afternoon Nap:

A nap cannot replace night sleep but can help you catch up on the lost sleep. A one-hour nap can provide you rest during the day and may also help you maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Power naps are also known for charging up the body for the rest of the day.

  • Catching Up On Sleep Takes Time:

Catching up on sleep is not a one-day job. It can take days to recover from a sleep deficit. Therefore, it’s always recommended to increase the sleep time slowly. You can begin by 15- to 30-minutes at a time until you reach the optimal amount of sleep for your body. Also, improve your sleep hygiene and get enough rest daily.

  • Consult With A Doctor:

If insufficient sleep at night is interfering with your daytime activities or if you’re having trouble catching up, it’s crucial that you talk to a doctor. A doctor can help you diagnose a sleeping disorder like insomnia and provide personalized and proven tips for improving your sleep.

The Bottom Line

Due to the hectic work schedules and stress of the modern lifestyle, people are not able to sleep well. Work is important but valuing it over your health is not a good thing. When you compromise your sleeping schedule, health takes a back seat, and you get trapped in a situation where your mental and physical performance starts declining. 

The good news, the sleep compromised till now can be recovered. Simple changes to your routine will help you get to bed earlier or stay in bed longer. Sound and quality sleep will make you more ready for the day ahead.

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