How to Buy Perfect Moldavite Jewelry – Top Tips That Never Betray You Moldavite jewelry

A very highly-valued gemstone, Moldavite has a unique formation due to the asteroid impact that happened 15 million years ago. Moldavite is moss green in color and is rare in occurrence. It primarily comes from Europe from areas along the Rise and Steinem craters. It is famous for the inclusions of bubbles and swirls and, more importantly, for its metaphysical properties.

Known for accentuating the vibrations of other crystals, Moldavite is highly recommended for its healing properties. It is believed that if you gaze through a moldavite crystal, you will experience a connection with the more extraordinary powers and your higher self.

Moldavite is a variety of Tektite. Of all the varieties of tektites, Moldavite is a transparent one. It usually has a wrinkled appearance. Its hardness on the Mohs scale varies from 5.5-7. Its green hue is mesmerizing. The color range for Moldavite ranges from olive green to brown.

Healing Properties of Moldavite:

Chakra balancing

Moldavite, originally being a stone of the heart, can activate one or all the chakras. Its green crystal energy will balance your heart chakra, remove all the blockages, and make you understand your needs and emotions more clearly. Therefore, it is advised to wear a moldavite pendant near to your heart.

Moldavite jewelry is also said to balance your crown chakra. When this chakra is balanced, all the energies of your body are balanced.

How to Buy Perfect Moldavite Jewelry – Top Tips That Never Betray You Moldavite jewelry
Green Moldavite Jewelry

Spiritual Benefits

Moldavite is a gem for transformation and evolutionary growth. Using Moldavite’s crystal will also benefit you by providing spiritual protection.

Physical Healing

A moldavite will help diagnose the reason for imbalance or any disease in the wearer. In addition, it can restore the cells to their original state of perfection.

It is beneficial for the health of the eyes.

A Moldavite is also beneficial in new cell growth.

Wearing moldavite jewelry can keep you away from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Love and Relationships:

Moldavite lets flow love through your soul. It will help improve your love relationships. It brings a co union between the heart and the mind. It is said to be sent on Earth for spiritual enlightenment. It clears all kinds of negative energies around one’s aura. Moldavite’s energies reach deep inside the self and bring your most desired qualities to the surface. It also heals deeply hidden traumas.

Moldavite’s energies can help you deal with the emotions related to love. It symbolizes harmony in love relationships and can be a great stone for a long-lasting connection.

Moldavite and Wealth

Moldavite is said to bring fortune to its wearer. As it helps clear the blockages, it also helps the wearer calm their worries. In addition, it will help you resolve your financial problems.

Value Determining Factors of a Moldavite

Inclusions: The inclusions of lechatelierite will help you identify a moldavite. The gemstone is never clear, in fact, it includes air bubbles. If you do not find any inclusions, then it is not Moldavite.

Color: The color of a moldavite is significant. The color of the stone varies from green to brown. The most common hue is moss green. Dark deep shades of the crystal are mostly in demand. Moldavite doesn’t come in bright green color, so it is probably fake if you are looking at one.

Shape: Another value determining factor for a moldavite is its shape. Each Moldavite has a unique shape but not a defined one. Moldavite may have different forms and patterns.

Texture: Moldavite does not have a smooth texture. It isn’t easy to make the surface of a moldavite smooth.

Region: If Moldavite is from an area other than the Czech Republic, then it is not the correct crystal.

Formation of Moldavite: 

Moldavite has formed 15 million years ago when parts of meteorite fell off far away from the site where it hit Earth. It formed Nördlinger Ries crater. The meteorite fragments, along with the terrestrial rock pieces, fell hundreds of kilometers away in the Czech Republic. These then formed the dull green-colored rarely found Moldavite. Always look for this dull green color when you are shopping for it. It should not be vibrant green.

How to Buy Perfect Moldavite Jewelry – Top Tips That Never Betray You Moldavite jewelry
Moldavite Stone Jewelry

Legends Related to Moldavite:

  • Czechs of South Bohemia gifted Moldavite rings to express their feelings to their partner. The man gifted a moldavite ring to the woman to prove his feelings to marry their true love.
  • Moldavites were believed to tell the existence of a disease even before there were any symptoms. They also boosted the immune system to alleviate the condition.
  • Moldavite was also believed to work on our intuition and reasoning skills.
  • Moldavite was known to be the stone that fell from the sky.
  • The gem was used in making amulets in ancient times. The jewelry piece was worn to keep the bad energies away.
  • It is believed that if you hold the gemstone in your left hand, you will feel a rush of energy throughout the body. The experience is named ‘moldavite flush.’
  • Moldavite was worn in amulets as it was considered a spiritual talisman by the ancient Neolithic people of ancient Europe. It was believed to bring good fortune to the wearer.

The Increasing Value of Moldavite

A moldavite jewelry piece attracts a gaze due to the rawness of the gem. Because of its connection with the terrestrial phenomena, Moldavite is quite a demand. The gemstone is also loved for its healing properties. It will enhance your meditation experience and will let you get rid of the negative energies. Moldavite is also used to let go of past traumas.

Moldavite Jewelry Creates a Statement Look.

Because of its relation to the terrestrial phenomena, Moldavite is highly valued. Not only its history but its look in the jewelry is quite impressive. The moss green gem set in sterling silver is in great demand.

 How to best include a moldavite in your life:

Moldavite is advised to be placed on the brow chakra or in hands while meditating to increase spiritual connections. You can wear it in the form of jewelry if you want to benefit from its protective powers.

As Moldavite can clear all the negative energies, you can place it in your room or workplace. Be sure to cleanse and charge the Stone from time to time.

What Stones can be Combined with Moldavite

  • If you want to work on the heart chakra, then you can combine Moldavite with rose quartz. It will help to clear negativity and encourage compassion.
  • When working on Crown chakra, one can go for clear quartz with Moldavite.
  • You can also combine an Amethyst with Moldavite to work on your reasoning and intuitive powers.
  • If you want to attain a balanced state of emotions, then pair Moldavite with Galena.

Moldavite Care

To cleanse a moldavite, wash it in clear water. Keep the crystal away from any harsh cleaners. And when it is cleansed, charge it with your positive thoughts as you hold it while you meditate.

Where to Buy Authentic Moldavite Jewelry

The healing properties of Moldavite are alluring, and the look of its Jewelry creates quite an appeal. Fashion lovers adore its moss green hue. And if you are also thinking of including this beautiful jewelry in your collection, you can check out the wide range of moldavite rings and other jewelry with this gemstone at Rananjay Exports. They deal in quality Wholesale Silver gemstone jewelry.

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