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Digital Marketing

How To Boost Your Instagram Content With Modern Tools?

Thinking to boost your Instagram content but don’t know how? Today I will guide you with the help of tools to how to promote your content on Instagram.

So, let’s get started!

Helpful Tips To Boost Your Instagram Today

How To Boost Your Instagram Content With Modern Tools?

  • First Write A Unique Bio:

It hardly takes a few seconds to judge someone and to make an opinion of your brand online. So this means for the boost you need to work on your first impression with the content of your Instagram bio.

And so your bio needs a lot of appreciation. It said to be one of the first things which people see when they click on your public profile. It will be the key factor to look at more of your content, and most probably they will go for your provided link to your website.

  • Addition Of Hashtags:

Using the hashtags on Instagram will help categorize your content more easily and get in front of your target audience. Moreover, you can do for your campaign, which is known as branded hashtags, means using the name which will contain the name of your brand.

It could also be a name of a product, slogan of your brand or could be a name of your specific campaign.

But keep in your mind exhausting the use of Instagram hashtags might lead you to an invisible ban. This is a drawback, and yet Instagram developers have to admit. Even if you placed the hashtags in the right position, they still won’t show in search engine.

To avoid these kinds of ban, follow these small steps:

– Use relevant hashtags means your hashtags should approach the right users rather going for just likes or for follow up.

– Use specific or precise hashtags means try to use right amount of words in hashtags for example #internetdevice rather just using #device.

– Use trending hashtags means check out current trend which relates your brand or look up for your competitor what they are using so that you can get idea and get effective hashtags right away.

  • Tag Each And Everyone:

Tagging is one of those methods which is proved to be the effective way up till now to promote your brand.

So, when uploading your new content makes sure you tag other brands if they co relate with your content, your followers and add locations too whenever it is possible. Now we are not just talking about hashtags.

Moreover, whenever you tag someone on your post, chances are they will be excited to get featured in your post and likewise they will also share your post on their news feed as well with their own followers and this cross marketing will help you get more boost that you want.

  • Try Instagram Ads:

Using Instagram ads is another key factor to boost your content. According to the research, the average user spends 50 minutes a day on Instagram only.

This means your brand has an opportunity to get your potential customers nearly every day. And in the recent years we have noticed on Instagram a lot of user growth. So which means the advertisers will be able to reach more right audience and scale with Instagram.

The more the heavy advertisements, the more you have opportunities to grow more fan following or more sales from you.

  • Promote Contests And Giveaways:

The research says that if you run contests, grow their following up to 80% faster than those who don’t.

Giveaways and contests gives dramatically boost to a user engagement as it happened. People like to take challenges, even more than that, they love vouchers comprising discounts, cash prize, free stuffs and samples.

So when it comes to the contests, do the smaller one rather than holding a massive contest because it will help you in building a hype on social media.

On Instagram you can be super creative when it comes to competition or else you were only limited to your imagination only. We will tell you some methods to start the contest from easy to hard.

How To Boost Your Instagram Content With Modern Tools?

  • Like Contests: In this method you will let users simply like the photos, it could be a video, quote or a story. The benefit of this contest is easy as it has no restrictions for entry and it will take your followers only a couple of seconds to double tap and like the post. See how simple is this.
  • Commenting Contests: In this method, you will ask your users to leave a comment on your post in order to take part in the contest. Or you can ask them to tag a certain amount of friends on the post so that you can become a contestant in this contest. This way you will get more users and they will also do the same thing. Hence, more brand followers and more brand promotion.
  • Content Sharing Contests: In this type of contests you will ask your followers to share your content whether it could be a picture or a post with the help of hashtag or a simple tag so that you can discover those users who has shared and want to participate in the contests.

So we strongly suggest that you run at least one time contest promotion and giveaways on Instagram and use hashtags too with your contests for a better awareness about your brand.

  • Share Visual Or Story Ideas On Instagram:

Share quotes which speaks to your followers. You know quotes are more popular on Instagram? Well, they do drive a lot of user engagement. With the help of quotes you can promote your brand version in a good way.

For example Vayner Media also share quotes to great effect on Instagram by sharing their teamwork hand written quotes on their account. So if you want to design beautiful quotes, you can use these couple of tools as listed down:

  • Canva
  • Over
  • Take Advantages of New Tools:

When new tools are launched by Instagram, take advantage of them for brand promotion. For example, Stories on Instagram are still popular feature.

According to the research stories are used daily up to 600 million by users. So, brand should use stories for brand engagement or they can use different stickers within stories such as new quiz sticker which is an innovative way for Instagram promotion.


Did you see how easy it is to make your Instagram page popular over the platform? You just need to know the right SEO services pricing to get started. Indeed, the companies like @TKDigitals can definitely help you in this problem with the guaranteed solutions.

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