How to become a Large Goods Driver

The Heavy goods vehicle drivers are responsible for transporting loads of goods in between the suppliers and customers. Most of the HGV drivers are known for traveling long-distance to transport goods while the others work locally.

An HGV driver Training the drivers may also spend a lot of time behind the wheel and there are some other tasks that they should carry out on either side of their journey.

Responsibilities of a Large Goods Driver

Some of the major responsibilities that LGV drivers should have:

1: It is the HGV driver who contains proper planning so that you make sure that each one maximizes productivity and efficiency. Thus, it includes checking the ahead in order to anticipate any traffic or delays and then planning the alternative routes where it is necessary.

2: One needs to interact with suppliers as well as the customers politely and pleasantly when you are supposed to pick up and dropping off the loads. You need to ensure that all the parties are satisfied with your given service. It also includes coordinating pick-up and drop-off times in order to make sure that your service should suits everyone.

3: Being a lorry driver, you need to make sure that the lorry complies with all the safety regulations and it should be fit for purpose before you go out on the road. The drivers are usually responsible for both organizing and maintenance of the lorry.

4: When supervising the loading of goods then try to make sure that everything is loaded and unloaded safely and securely. A driver is also responsible for loading and unloading the products by themselves.

5: You need to make sure that the goods are secure before the journey and this is extremely essential when working with heavy loads.

6: The Large Goods driver should also need to fill the paperwork in order to keep a record of each delivery and the hours that you spend behind the wheel.

Skills that you need in LGV Driver Training:

1: One should have the proper concentration skills as you need to drive the vehicle for longer hours in all extreme weather conditions.

2: Good Communication skills help you in interacting with suppliers as well as the customers when you pick or drop them at their respective places.

3: A person who is calm and confident can drive heavy good vehicles.

4: One should have patience in them and also it is not uncommon for the other drivers to become impatient with HGV drivers on the road.

Also, they tend to move at a slower speed and this takes up a lot of space. So, you must remain patient and calm even when others are becoming impatient with you.

5: You should have the ability in order to work independently because you will often be on the road for long hours.

6: However, a full vehicle driving licence allows you to develop your driving skills by undertaking the relevant HGV driving skills.

The HGV drivers drive the vehicle over 7.5 tonnes, transport the goods from one place to another. Like any other job, there are different types of roles in this driving field.

For example, a city driver doesn’t mind sitting in traffic for longer hours. However, the local and regional driving jobs would be perfect for the one who doesn’t want to work far away from home and wants to work for more sociable hours.

However, if you want to travel then there are various opportunities for long-distance HGV drivers so that they can work around delivering the goods overseas. In addition to it, you will also be responsible for the planning of your route and supervising all the loading and unloading of your truck.

You need to make sure that everything is stowed safely and completing the paperwork. Sometimes the bad weather conditions, roadworks, traffic accidents can add to the unpredictable nature of your job.

Skills that an LGV driver should possess:

1: They should have complete knowledge on planning their delivery routes.

2: Coordinate deliveries and then communicate with the dispatchers and the customers.

3: Loading and unloading the goods.

4: Driving between the destinations.

5: Vehicle maintenance.

6: Filling paperwork and then making the payments.

7: Having proper knowledge of transporting methods, costs, and benefits.

8: The driver should be physically fit and contains strength.

9: They must possess a clear vision and good eyesight.

10: The driver should have patience and the ability to remain calm in all stressful situations.

11: They should be able to pay attention while driving the vehicle.

12: Having a deep understanding of road safety.

13: One should have good customer service skills.

14: The driver should have the ability to work well under the pressure.

15: They should be adept at operating as well as controlling the additional equipment.

Being an LGV driver you should remember that you need to be above 18 years. Also, you should hold a valid car driving licence. After that, you can start working with a Certificate of Professional Competence i.e. Driver CPC and it is required for the role.

1: You must have an HGV/LGV licence.

2: Requirement of Driver CPC.

3: You often require a Driver Digital Tachograph Card.

4: One should carry a driving licence.

End words: When you have completed your HGV Driver training then you be able to get started driving the LGV vehicles. Thus, you need to be a good driver with a solid understanding of road safety. Not only this, you should have the ability to drive the vehicle in bad weather conditions.

Having the ability to focus is also a major aspect of driving large vehicles. This is because you will be on the road for long hours. Your interpersonal skills will also come in handy as you will have to deal with the distributors and customers regularly.

Once you gained experience in LGV driving then you will be able to progress in your driving career path. You will also start transporting dangerous materials like Tankers.

When all these qualities have been established then only you can move onto positions and start getting the higher salaries.

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