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How to Become a Great IT Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer can be liberating as well as side by side a little terrifying too. Lots of questions you can have in your mind like where do you start from? What process do you have to follow? What will be the sources of getting this? How do you find clients? What would be the charges and so many other things? 

One of the biggest wrong conceptions about freelancing is that you can sit at home and work will come to you. But the reality is totally different as you have to fight for it and need to fight hard. First, you need to strive because nothing good is ever easy. Working freelancing means working hard and having to be capable enough to do any work alone, mainly when you are planning to do freelancing work on the basis of technical background. Going out alone is not always a purposeful and smart choice. Doing freelancing mainly on the Microsoft Azure project is somehow tough for the freelancer to do it alone. You have to be expert enough in this field to do a freelancing job otherwise do a Microsoft Azure Certification Course if you have been dreaming to leave your job and want to become a freelancer to start your work on Azure. 

Why do People Start Freelancing?

Some people do make the switch consciously in order to capitalize on their unique skills as well as networks, being able to earn more money directly, escape the corporate grind and have more work and personal life flexibility. Others end-up because maybe the working environment is not so good or your good boss may be leaving the company and trying to do something on the side and realize that the work is enough to be their main gig. It’s not like you wake up one day and become an independent consultant or freelancer. So, if you really want to become a freelancer either in the technical field or in some other field, you have to follow a few steps to become a successful freelancer. 

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Contact to Everyone of your Existing Network: 

The very first thing that you do is to reach out to the people close to you to let them know what you are doing. However, it would not feel like you are begging for work. Even also tell the field about your field in which you are going to work and also inform them that for this you are already experienced enough or certified holder and capable to work alone. As for Azure Freelancer having Azure Administrator Certification will be a great help to get a good source. A robust network is a freelancer’s best friend. Tell them that you would be more than happy to take on projects straight away.

Build New Connections: 

It is important to contact a few freelancers that you know so that you can turn to get some advice and support in your network. Maybe they are the competition of yours but they can also be a great source of information. Look at some professional associations in your field through Linkedin or any other professional network search, attend conferences of the experts in your areas and try not to tell about your freelancing work to your competitor at the beginning to get information about it.

Determine Your Fee: 

Your network will help you to know how much to charge for your project. Asking your fellow freelancers about the market charge is like for skills and what their rates are. Think about the project expenses carefully and don’t add your mortgage payment and your costs of living to calculate your hourly rate. You may have to quote a lower rate for the project at the beginning to capture the market. But once you win the heart of the client, plan to raise your prices sooner than later. 

Familiarize Yourself with Legal documents and Paperwork:

However, in the beginning, you don’t need a lawyer to help you but it is always suggested to have someone you can turn to for legal advice. Always try to go for someone who is business-minded not legally minded. Try to get the help of a non-disclosure agreement and an independent contractor agreement. Once you start getting requests from your clients, you need to give them a quick response. You have to prepare a proper statement of work, contract and invoice as well. 

Give Yourself a Deadline: 

Human Beings are natural procrastinators. You have to push yourself while thinking about freelancing. Reading some articles or researching something or making notes and figuring out about the freelancing information is not enough as still yet you did not take any hard decisions. Plans will only work when you act on them. So, give yourself time, a deadline to figure about everything like your client, your niche, your decision of taking any Microsoft Azure Certification Course or any other course, your day of quitting the job, the project price and more. Making a deadline for yourself will make you determined and successful as a freelancer.

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