How to attract customers with live streaming videos

Businesses can benefit a great deal from live streaming provided they give their audience what it wants. The more engaging the content, the higher the chances of gaining customers. Some popularly used online chat apps offer a live streaming feature for users. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app with a find friends near me feature and a live streaming feature. These features are meant to help users gain followers and make friends with utmost ease and convenience. Given below are some of the ways you can use the live streaming feature to make your business more successful:

  1. Build trust by answering questions:

By hosting a question-answer session you can allow your customers to bond with you. This will also help you gain the trust of your customers. Share the schedule for the session beforehand and invite the audience to send in their queries. Let them know these questions will be answered during the session. You can also allow those who are watching the stream to ask questions on the spot. But make it clear at the start of the stream that questions and comments will only be entertained as long as they remain within the limits of decency.

  • Give a demonstration of your product:

When you want to introduce a product give a demo on how it can be used. For instance, if you sell laptops, talk about the characteristics of the laptop in detail and show the audience how it can be used. Make your product look attractive and useful. This will generate interest among the audience and will tempt them to make a purchase. Those who already have the product can learn how to use it. Dress up nicely and look presentable while introducing your product since you’ll be the main model of your stream.

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  • Get an influencer on board:

Nowadays it’s very common for businesses to incentivize influencers to market their brands. They either give monetary incentives or they give expensive gifts, such as an expensive dress for someone who markets their clothing brand. But instead of giving full responsibility to the influencer, you can interview an influential personality in one of your streams. You could interview a senior from your firm who has more work experience and can give some useful tips to the younger generation.

  • Share views regarding popular topics:

Look for popular topics that you can touch upon while representing your organization. Your streams do not have to be directly related only to the work your organization does. To make things more interesting you can discuss general topics in your streams and try to make a connection with your brand if possible. But try to give neutral views since your opinion can affect the popularity of your brand. Mark religion and politics off the list since controversial topics can get you into trouble.

  • Add quizzes to your streams:

By planning quiz nights you can increase the participation of your audience. Set a date and time for the quiz beforehand and circulate the notification in all your groups using your video calling app. You can offer incentives like discounts and gift cards to encourage people to participate. Share the theme of your quiz with members beforehand so they come a little prepared.

  • Cover events in your live streams:

Many events are happening in different parts of the world but some people can’t attend them due to one reason or the other. In a live stream, you have people watching you from around the globe. Use NEEO’s find friends near me feature to look for people living near and far. Whenever your company organizes an event, you can use your live streaming feature to cover the event. You can even cover other events that you think your viewers might be interested in.

  • Generate interesting content:

You must keep your live stream fun and entertaining. Even while talking about your brand you can use different sounds and lights to add to the appeal of your live streams. Add humor to your streams and prepare yourself well for what you’re going to talk about during the stream. During your live stream, you can add spontaneous witty comments to make your stream more spicy and lively.

Once you get the hang of it, live streaming can be a lot of fun for both, you and the audience. It takes a bit of practice but with time you grow more confident and creative. Do not feel disheartened if you don’t get as many followers as you expected in your first few live stream sessions. It’ll take a while for you to figure out what time is most suitable for the audience. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that helps you connect with people from around the globe. The app’s find friends near me feature can help you find other professionals in your neighborhood who can help you with your business.

Live streams are generally appropriate for live happenings, dire news, sports news, political news, and significant addresses. Organizations frequently utilize live gushing for online meetings, online classes, and other virtual occasions. To benefit from a live stream it very well may be recorded and later utilized as a Podcast. You can likewise draw scraps and pictures from the stream and post them via web-based entertainment. This way you’ll utilize the live stream. Take material from the live stream to make rundown slides that can be posted on various show sites.

Fascinating, in the realm of live streaming, your rivals are additionally your companions. Become a close acquaintance with decorations from similar profession and watch their streams. You can get a ton of thoughts by watching them and keeping in mind that doing so you can talk with different watchers. When you win their trust you can welcome them to your streams. You might in fact collaborate with different decorations and team up with them, to make fun streams with you. Different decorations will welcome their watchers to watch your joint stream.

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