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How to Arrange your Nail Polish Collection Nicely?

Being a makeup lover, you will have tremendous love for nail paints. They beautify the look of nails and make them attractive, and so how can anyone not love them.

Many creative designs and unique shapes of bottles are being introduced in the market for nail paints, which attract many. But with that, there is also a need to store them carefully and in an organized way. The Nail Polish Packaging can be a useful tool to store delicate nail paints.

Containers with Individual Pockets.

While this might be a very classical idea, but it surely helps in organizing the nail polishes. You can have these boxes and can ask the manufacturers to include some pockets inside of them. The pockets can be further labeled according to the name of the nail polish or the color.

A more cool way to store nail polish using this container is to assemble them brand-wise. For instance, some nail paints from one brand can have a complete line; likewise, other brands will be organized in the same way. You can use labels and can attach them with every line, so you know that you have assembled your nail paints, and so it will be easy to sort.

Get a Personalized Box.

Who does not love a personalized box for storing their makeup? No makeup lover! Just like they spend a lot of money on purchasing fancy and expensive makeup items, they also want to show them off in customized and unique boxes.

When you get a personalized box, then you can design it as per your choice. They can also be printed into the design that you like. After all, what use does customization have if it is not done in a way that you like?

The Custom Printed Nail Polish Boxes look stylish and chic when placed on drawers. The inside of the box can have compartments or layers for placing nail paints.

DIY your Storage Box. 

If you are not liking anything and want to work it your way, then the DIY option is always available for you. You can have some simple or plain Nail Polish Boxes, which you can design later on by using your creativity and designs. Such boxes look great as they give a special touch that you have applied to them.

The DIY is not limited to designs only, but you can also consider changing the basic layout and shape of the box. The nail polish storage box with some favorite pictures of yours on it or having a glittery touch with some other embellishments and decorative options look classy and attractive.

Choose a Vertical Design for Them.

Whatever box or storage container you are looking for, just do not forget the basic shapes and designs of your nail paints. If you select a horizontal box in which you will put the nail paint, then the chances for its spillage will be maximized.

Other than that, using a vertical design will keep them in an upright position, and so their liquid formulation will be preserved.

Such differently designed storage places can also be hanged on the wall, or you can easily place them on the floor near to your dressing table. Such storage ideas have a strong base and have shelves on the inside. A hinged-shaped door is attached to them with a closure tab for more safety.

Get a Shelf in Different Shapes. 

Shelves are an ideal way to sore the nail paints. Even in saloons, we see many places which have shelves, and all of their makeup products are perfectly organized on them. That is a catchy and attractive way to grab the attention of the people around you. Bringing a customized touch to this storage idea will make it even more attractive and likable.

You like shelves for storing and assembling your nail paints, but you can give them a different and unique shape, such as a square covering from all four sides or having compartments and different sections in a hexagonal shape rack. The manufacturers can give a physical aspect to this idea in an effective way and by using quality materials.

Add Them in a Frame. 

You had your favorite scenery handed up in your dining area, but unfortunately, it broke. You are left with a frame and now have no idea of what to do of that. The idea here is to get you covered by providing an effective way to reuse that broken photo frame. By attaching strings to each side of them and adding some adhesives, you can fasten your nail paints on that, which will be removable as well. Now that wooden frame is recreated well and has a fruitful use as well. The same idea can be used to place nail paints in order. The frame here is used as a tray that can have different embellishments applied to it.

A Traditional Box to the go 

If you are a retro person, then you will want to stick with the traditional storage ideas, for instance, using a box. But to add a vibrant and sparkling touch to them, you can get them customized and designed by printing. The Custom Nail Polish Boxes with a traditional shape of the box include adding some sections inside of the box for easy assembling of nail paints or changing the basic layout of the box. The box can have a removable lid, or it can be attached as well. The traditionally designed boxes will have all the eyes on them, and above all, it will get all your bright and favorite nail paints in one place.

Storing nail paints in a clean and safe place can be challenging for some, and specifically for those who have an immense collection. But, the problem will be tackled all nicely and smoothly with some easy and practical ideas. While the Nail Polish Packagingis already working to keep your nail paints safe and secure from all damaging situations, you can look for other operative ways that can store all of your nail paints together, which will be easy to assemble too.

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