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How Smart Cities Will Improve the Quality of Life?

Technology is taking over cities. It is the reason that cities are becoming more livable. People may not have an idea, but technology will eventually change everything in the urban areas in the coming years. The minor changes are still visible all around the globe. For example, smart apps are making a significant change in the approach to regular activities. A person can control the entire house by sitting in one room or even when they are away. These are some of the things that are attracting many to move to the cities.

The Definition of Smart City

There are many who are still unaware of smart cities. If you are also hearing this for the first time, don’t worry because you will learn about it right here right now. According to expert’s smart city is an area where multiple types of IoT sensors are used to collect relevant data. Later the data is used to manage everything around correctly.

Everyone should keep in mind that the definition of smart cities is evolving with each day passing. So, it is better to keep up with the new information.

Now the need for smart cities is increasing due to one reason: the population in urban areas is increasing very quickly. People are moving into the cities in search of better opportunities. Because of this, the consumption of energy resources, gas resources, and other resources is also increasing. The pollution is also growing because of the increase in traffic and so on.

Here the only thing that makes things better is the use of technology. Smart cities allow the government to know instantly which areas need upgrading. Now the good thing is that even the switch to the latest technology isn’t easy; still, each county is trying its best to make things better for the residents. If we take an example of a developing country like Pakistan, they are taking small steps to keep up with the developed countries. The renowned developers Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd and FDHL collaborated and introduced the very first smart city of Pakistan called the capital smart city in Islamabad. The city has some fantastic features that will indeed challenge the other developers to do better.

How Smart Cities Improve the Quality of Life?

The Smart city affects the various sectors of life in a positive manner. The details are as following:

Upgrade the Safety of Public

As the population is increasing in urban areas, it is becoming hard to provide safety and security to everyone. The traffic is increasing and accidents are often happening. The crime rate in the cities is also growing and so on.

Now the only way to handle such a situation is by using technology, and it is what the smart cities will do. Installation of different applications will indeed reduce fatalities. The authorities will receive the information instantly if something isn’t right in a specific area and will be able to respond quickly. 

Improve Daily Commute

Everyone wants to reach the final destination as soon as possible. Because of the increase in population, the traffic jams in the cities happen pretty often. Smart mobility applications will end this issue, as people will be able to reach the location much quicker.  

The mobile apps will allow the person to find out how much is needed to reach the location? What they should expect during the journey and so on. The driver is able to see the routes that are more suitable to take in rush hours. Moreover, smart parking apps will end the hassle of finding a parking spot, as you will know exactly which place is empty. 

Improvement in Health

Even nowadays, there are applications that allow the person to ensure whether the diet intake is ok or not, and even diabetic patients can find out how bad their condition is. Such technology decreases the burden from hospitals mainly that are overcrowded.  

The smart systems take reading digitally and will deliver it to the doctors. The data allows the doctor to get an idea of whether the patient needs a checkup or not. Such devices will also help the cities in case of a pandemic situation, as they are able to know which areas are affected the most.

In short, the use of technology plays a vital role in saving hundreds or thousands of lives.

Clean and Sustainable Environment

Due to the increase in population, it is becoming difficult for the cities to keep their surroundings clean. There are few areas in the cities that are very clean and have enough resources to cope up with resident needs. On the other hand, some areas are going through worse, like they don’t even have the availability of clean water.

Smart applications can track the areas that are causing pollution in the environment. The apps will ensure that the wastage of water ends and each resident receives a fair number of resources.

Expand the Social Connection

The usage of technology makes it easy for the residents to connect with the local government whenever needed and even with the local community. All this will make the cities more responsive. The locals will be able to give their suggestions to the government on different projects. They can easily communicate with the government what is needed the most in their area rather than the project the government is planning to begin. All this will eventually save the time and resources of the government. The community will feel satisfied too.

Smart Cities: The Future

The only way to deal with the expansion of cities is by using technology. In short, by making the cities smart. The data collected by the advanced apps allows the government to upgrade the infrastructure of the cities. Eventually, this all will improve the economy of the city too.

The smart cities market was valued at USD 739.78 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 2036.10 billion by 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 18.22% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026). 

So, it isn’t wrong to say that smart cities are the future. They are the only option left for the human race to do better for themselves and for other living beings.

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