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How Modern Delivery Management Software Empowers Enterprises

Delivery management software (DMS), also called e-commerce delivery management software, is a computer-based tool used for logistics planning, management, and implementing delivery activities. It’s also a central system of communications that allows everyone involved in a delivery process to connect through one system. It integrates all aspects of the delivery process, from customer or carrier service to driver or logistics processes to billing and tracking systems. In short, it makes the whole thing work more smoothly.

The delivery management software can be implemented as either an application or a platform

An application can be implemented as a web application, which can be accessed from any browser. However, a platform, such as a server, can offer greater functionality and greater flexibility for logistics operations. A server based delivery management software can integrate all aspects of the business and provide a platform from which processes run, from inventory purchases and deliveries to order entry and billing.

Real-time Tracking

On the other hand, a platform can give businesses real-time visibility into their entire supply chain. This gives businesses more control over time, allowing them to respond quickly to fluctuating conditions on the supply chain. Real-time visibility can also help businesses prevent and solve problems with inefficient operations, improving customer satisfaction and reducing logistics costs.

Increased Productivity

One of the top benefits of using e-commerce delivery management software is increasing productivity. Delivery  applications, such as Foursquare and SharePoint, offer advanced capabilities that weren’t available in previous platforms.

In addition, an e-commerce web-based application can connect to existing ERP systems or Web Services, which can reduce IT costs. The best part is that ERP-based platforms are becoming increasingly easier to deploy, requiring less training for companies who want to replace their existing ERP or Web services applications.

Flexible for Customer

Another one of the top benefits of e-commerce delivery management software is helping businesses to meet customer expectations. Customers expect faster service, flexible scheduling options, and personalized service.  Therefore, companies must meet customer expectations in order to retain and grow their customers. Many delivery management applications include tools for optimizing delivery operations.

Easy Delivery Scheduling for eCommerce

E-commerce delivery management software helps in logistics planning by allowing logistics operators to map shipment status and track shipments. This enables companies to schedule shipment times and adjust routes according to peak loads. Furthermore, tracking shipments enables companies to optimize delivery operations by eliminating late pickups and deliveries. Furthermore, customers have the option of changing their delivery route at any time without affecting the logistics system. For instance, if a customer wants to send a video game to a friend on vacation, the company can adjust its delivery time to avoid missing the game and still make the game available to the friend. This gives customers more control over the way they want to receive their goods.

It also enables delivery managers to make informed decisions about employee scheduling. KPI dashboards provided by the application can provide logistics managers with detailed information about employee assignment, enabling them to better plan their staff scheduling to ensure that the most efficient workforce is assigned to the tasks that have the biggest impact on the company’s bottom line.

Analytics and Reporting

Finally, modern delivery management software assists enterprises in providing for accurate KPIs to business metrics. An essential part of any KPI strategy is to ensure that the financial measures, such as profits and revenues, and the operating profit margin are comparable between different businesses.

However, one problem with comparing financial results is that some businesses tend to behave differently when they are experiencing certain kinds of difficulties.

DMS, enterprises can make these comparisons more easily, and they can also prepare reports that can be used by executives and management. By empowering managers with this kind of information, they can use the information to improve their businesses and drive their organizations in new directions.

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Route Optimization Software

Route optimization is an important part of a GPS vehicle tracking system, because it gives fleet managers the ability to optimize the use of their routes. Vehicle route optimization is extremely useful when you’re trying to optimize fuel efficiency, route diagnostics, route optimization, or route planning. This software tool is a route planner, an online map application that shows fleet positions and arrival time . This GPS tracking solution automatically generates route maps using real-time information from your GPS enabled Smartphone or fleet computer and lets you view all vehicle positions on a map at a glance.

Route optimization is a planning method that maximizes the use of available routes based on specific constraints. Depending on various fleet needs and company goals route planning can identify the optimal route for a vehicle or set of vehicles to take. Most importantly, this software tool allows you to set up and modify schedules for any number of routes. With route optimization a business can determine where it’s most efficient to make deliveries. pickup routes to avoid traffic, and even save money by taking shorter delivery routes. By setting up multiple plans for routes a business can save money by optimizing route. A smart route planner can also take into account day of the week and time of day when delivering packages, saving money on last minute trips.

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