How is Montessori Education in Private Schools in Abu Dhabi

Montessori schools are a popular choice among parents for their children’s early years, and it’s critical to understand the benefits of Montessori over traditional preschools. Although Preschools provide daycare that is geared toward early childhood education in some circumstances like a private school. Preschools are like kiddie pools for children before starting school. We structured their learning spaces for children where they learn and are sent ready to face the institution that is a school in any part of the world.

However, Montessori is a completely different approach to education, with its own style, methodology, and philosophy. Both traditional preschools and Montessori provide great programs for your young one. It is now your job to examine both to see which is the greatest fit for your preschooler.

Let us first understand what a Montessori education in a private school is.

What is a Montessori School?

An Italian physician, who goes by the name of Dr. Maria Montessori, established a child-centered approach to education that has transformed schools all over the world. You can tell something is different as soon as you walk into a Montessori classroom. Children will work alone and in groups, frequently with specially created learning tools, and will be deeply interested in their work while also being respectful of themselves and their environment.

The Montessori Method encourages children and adolescents to achieve rigorous, self-motivated progress in all areas of their development—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical.

As opposed to Traditional preschools that is a type of early childhood education that focuses on academic preparation for kindergarten. A teacher-led classroom typically focuses on structured learning. The sole purpose of a traditional preschool is to get you ready academically for school.

What is the difference between Montessori Private Schools and Traditional PreSchools?

  Age Group

We clearly divided Montessori classrooms into multi-age groups. Schools frequently placed children from birth to age three in the same classroom as 3-6-year-olds, which follows a three-year schedule. While this style of grouping is designed to assist younger children to learn from those older than them. It can also disadvantage older students who lack the leadership or social skills to mentor the younger children.


Montessori in private schools employs manipulatives to teach anything from social studies to abstract ideas like algebra and statistics. And there is a clear tendency toward exposing very young pupils to intellectual things they may not be ready to understand. More than Montessori schools, play-based preschools use age-appropriate toys and encourage pretend play and imagination.


Montessori in private schools is more organized than they look on the surface. Students enter the classroom and select a “station” where they will spend a set amount of time, usually three hours. We expect them to accomplish a task utilizing the materials provided during their time at that station. At a young age, students must learn how to manage their time and accept responsibility for what they have learned. Students in play-based preschools have the freedom to roam from one area of the classroom to another at any time during the day.

Which is the best one for your child?

Knowing the distinctions between a Montessori classroom and a play-based preschool will help you decide which style of learning is best for your child. Alternatively, you might base your decision on your child’s personality and learning style. Montessori education does not benefit all kids since it involves a level of independence and self-direction that some youngsters lack. Many children, on the other hand, do not thrive in a play-based classroom. Especially if they prefer to stay in one place and work on a single activity all day.

How to find the best Montessori private school for your child?

Even after conducting considerable research into the Montessori method and the traditional classroom, if you’re unsure where your kid might succeed, consider the following questions:

  1.   What is the distance to the nearest Montessori school, and how much does it cost to enroll?
  2.   Is it better for my child to work alone or in groups with other students?
  3.   What is my child’s method of approaching the learning process? Is he/she usually in control of tasks, or does he/she require my help getting started and staying motivated?
  4.   What type of student is my child?
  5.   Does he/she like to learn by reading or watching videos, and does he/she need to put material into practice before he/she completely comprehends it?

These types of questions can help you limit your options even more, but the ultimate selection should be one that both you and your child are comfortable with. There are misconceptions regarding Montessori schools (such as students working solely on their own; in reality, Montessori students perform a lot of group work), just as there are misconceptions about pre-schools (such as students not working on academics at all). The key to selecting the best selection for your family is to decide as a family and then tour potential schools to see how they are structured and if they meet your needs.

The Montessori Private School in Abu Dhabi works on all levels

To nurture a child’s skills, the early years of development should involve a strong and remarkable learning environment. With its creative and unique academic instruction, Global Indian International School is the best Montessori international school in Abu Dhabi. It offers the excellent GMP Plus Program, which focuses on kids’ total growth. This award-winning program is integrated with the incredible GIIS pedagogy. It uses cutting-edge learning strategies to help students develop multiple intelligences.

The school’s mission is to create a solid foundation for young learners, as well as outstanding intellectual and physical growth so that they can grow into confident students in the future and inspire a love of learning.

Why I call it the best is because GIIS has quickly established itself as one of Abu Dhabi’s top international schools. 9 GEMS helps students strive for success in a culture that offers them endless opportunities through our worldwide curricula taught by outstanding staff employing world-class facilities and the most award-winning learning pedagogy. Thus, it is a winner when it comes to Montessori private schools in Abu Dhabi.

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