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How Does Hypnosis Stop Smoking?

Do you want to quit smoking? Quitting is hard, but it lowers the risk of smoking-related diseases. These are illnesses such as cancer which causes premature death. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to help you stop smoking. The approach addresses psychological aspects to help you control smoking cravings.

Here is how hypnosis can help you quit smoking;

Hypnotherapy Changes Your Mindset

Hypnotherapy helps you to re-think and develop a new mindset that aims to discourage you from smoking. A therapist helps you accept and see the danger of smoking. The intervention helps you see the health risk related to smoking, thus tuning your mind to have zero interest in the substance.

A therapist might ask you to imagine bad outcomes related to smoking. A good example is imagining cigarettes as having foul smells or leading to breathing difficulties. Then, a therapist gives alternative suggestions to replace your smoking behaviors.

You can attain a ‘hypnotic trance’ through positive suggestions. Hypnotic trance is a state of mental and physical relaxation. In this state, you’re open to suggestions and positive alternatives since your mindset changes through hypnotherapy.

Breaking the Smoking Cycle

Hypnotherapy breaks the smoking cycle from your system by helping you manage the physical withdrawal symptoms. Instead of slowly reducing the amount of nicotine in your system, hypnotherapy breaks negative patterns and behaviors associated with smoking. In addition, this approach helps you to find an alternative when you feel an urge to smoke.

Breaking the cycle needs cooperation between the therapist and the patient. You should be willing to follow the therapist’s instructions to the latter. The approach will help you to be mentally and physically fit to complete all hypnotherapy sessions leading to a positive outcome. 

Also, it is essential to have self-motivation. When you’re motivated, you’ll go the extra mile to break the smoking cycle. Likewise, you’ll overcome smoking cravings when you’re self-driven and willing to follow all rules of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Helps You To Eliminate Unconscious Motive for Smoking

Hypnosis therapy targets your unconscious motive for smoking. These motives include stress, loneliness, and the need to kill boredom. Hypnotherapy helps you to avoid these smoking triggers, thus leading to a successful intervention. You’ll feel uncomfortable at first due to smoking cravings, but it will yield positive results as you get used to the therapy.

A therapist uses smoking hypnosis known as the Spiegel method, which focuses on three ideas;

  1. Smoking is dangerous to your health.

  2. The body deserves protection against smoke.

  3. A non-smoker has a better life.

These Spiegel’s aspects aim to lessen the desire for smoking and strengthen the ability to quit smoking. Therefore, when you incorporate the Spiegel method and follow its aspects to the latter, you will be in an excellent position to quit smoking.

Is Hypnotherapy Suitable Approach To Help Someone Quit Smoking?


The hypnosis program motivates and changes your mindset to help you quit smoking. The approach addresses the psychological aspects of eliminating smoking cravings. A therapist helps you attain hypnotic trance to help you be in a position to change your smoking routines and substitute with other alternative behaviors. You can successfully quit cigarettes through stop smoking audio hypnosis. Through a hypnosis program, you’ll get tips and strategies to help you quit smoking within a short period.

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