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How Do I Stop Being Jealous Of My Partner’s Success

A relationship grows with support of two individuals, whether it’s personal or professional. Many couples go through a phase where infidelity is not a cause of worry or the reason for making a relationship sour. It’s actually the insecurities and jealousy which are backed up by a tough attitude for each other’s success. Obviously, no two individuals grow at the same pace and it can create bitterness among the one driving slowly. So how to stop being jealous of your partner in order to maintain the health of your relationship, let’s find out. 

Sometimes one of the individuals in the couple is pursuing their passion and earning through it whereas the other one is into the mainstream industry. It creates rift between the two and problems like ego, devaluing each other and not being considerate enough for each other comes up. Divert your energy towards positivity here and let’s learn to stop being insecure in a relationship.

. Therefore, in this blog, I have enlisted the best and effective ways to stop being envious of your friend. So, let’s get started.

Stop Getting Jealous Of Your Partner

1. Build You & Your Partner

No matter how successful your partner is becoming, they still need your greatest support. You might be feeling that they don’t need you anymore or they have already taken a new high but the reality is that they need to be built up as well. If you show your partner belief and subtle confidence, they will only succeed and keep you in their mind. When you show your belief, they get motivated and this inturn will help you only. How? They will offer you complete support and motivation to pursue your own goals.

2. Value The Differences

 In order to stop being insecure in a relationship, you need to understand and value the unique skills that you both possess. Every individual comes with a different set of abilities and talents which make them look different from the world. If you clear your mind and lens of the relationship, you will be able to support your partner in a better manner and even feel genuinely happy for their success.

3. Develop Self Confidence

Before you step up to develop self confidence, make sure that you are prepared with the list of things which becomes the reason for jealousy. Is it your partner’s high position in office, amount of money earned or anything else? Or is it possible that you are comparing yourself to some other celebrities on Instagram? Give yourself some space and take time in listing out those things which make your individuality stronger. However, make sure that you are not comparing it with anyone!

4. Be Honest With Your Partner

Your jealousy must already have been noticed by your partner by now, believe it or not. Try to use communication as a powerful tool so that your partner becomes aware of what you are dealing with and can help you in the process. Give them an opportunity to find the solution of the jealousy and sort it out altogether.

5. Celebrate Success Together

You can enjoy your partner’s success as much as they do and show them that you are winning together in every way possible. If they are earning well then you are increasing your wealth as a team. This also means that you can make your work schedule a little flexible and also focus on other necessities which are required for your home to grow. Use affirmations like ‘I am happy for you’ or ‘I am proud of you, love’ to inspire and motivate them for further success in life.

7. Cheers To The Partnership

Successful people or let’s say, successful couples are those who enjoy partnership with each other. Your smallest gestures to recognize their strength would only draw them towards you. Express your partner how much they mean to you and make sure your actions are also speaking clearly about it. Show them that they are a priority and make this bond stronger than before.

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8. There Is Much More To A Person Than Their Job

We would like to draw your attention here specifically. It really doesn’t matter how well the person is excelling in his or her career, they come back to you as your partner or spouse. Focus on the qualities and feelings of your partner and focus on strengthening the relationship that you two have. Respect the differences in individuality! Rather take time to take a vacation together, cook favorite meals, go hiking, take a road trip or just Netflix and chill. Remind yourself that your spouse is much more important than what he or she is inside the meeting room and provide them the love and affection they deserve. 

9. Bring positive changes with optimism

You can still choose to be on the right path with the help of optimism. If you are jealous of your friend today, it might also happen that you start envying your partner after some time since jealousy is a negative personality trait. Therefore, start bringing positive changes within yourself with the help of optimism. Optimism can be learned, adapted, and identified easily, therefore, keeping working on yourself, until and unless you become the best version of yourself.

10. Learn your shortcomings and work on them

It does not matter about what reason you are jealous of your friend. All that matters is that jealousy is a negative trait someone can carry. You can consider your “jealousy” factor as your shortcoming. Nobody wants to keep “jealous” as a personality trait within them. Therefore, start working on it and make sure you are going on the correct path with the right personality traits.


We hope that you have found out ways to stop being jealous of your partner and rather now focus on this particular relationship. Remember, this life is way too short for getting jealous or comparing yourself to your partner only. It is only this beautiful relationship that should grow and make you both stronger. Focus on you two and once again say cheers to the relationship that you possess.

Thanks for reading!

More power to you.

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