How Commercial Cookery is Becoming an Emerging Career Pathway in Australia?

Many learners are passionate about hospitality specifically about commercial cookery. So, are you also zealous about building a substantial career in commercial cookery? Then, choose to study in Perth, Australia to make your dream come true. Myriads of institutions in Perth, Australia are offering career-oriented commercial cookery courses to overseas learners. Statistics have proved that the hospitality industry of Australia has grown constantly within the past five years. So, below are some useful pieces of information you didn’t know about the commercial-cookery sector of Australia.

Is it worthy to work in commercial cookery?

There has been a massive growth of job opportunities for aspiring chefs in Australia within the next five years. This growth is supposed to continue cumulatively within the next five years. What’s more, around 16,000 job opportunities will emerge every year from now till 2023. A few notable reasons for which working in commercial cookery can lead to a successful career can be considered below.

  1. Start you new business

If you want to attain a progressive career in Australia, then commercial cookery is the perfect sector for you. After graduating in commercial cookery you can also start your own business in Australia. This is because there is a massive demand for dynamic restaurants and cafes in Australia. Most importantly, commercial cookery job roles are undoubtedly the most flexible ones. This implies that you can work abroad as well with your obtained skills and qualifications in hotels or eminent restaurants.

2. Learn through activities

Commercial cookery can be a great career choice for kinaesthetic learners who like to learn through practical activities. Nonetheless, there are many things which you need to learn through classroom sessions. Learning about crucial safety and health lessons are some of them. Conversely, you will learn about most of the technical knowledge and skills via hands-on practice. Attending these practical classes will assist you to stay abreast of the recent culinary innovations.

3. Explore your creativity

Just the way commercial cookery is a fastidious profession, it is quite experimental too. It lets chefs to experiment with different textures and flavors on the platter. You will learn how and when to cross the culinary boundaries effectively. This is all because of the valuable skills and knowledge which you had learnt after studying and working in a culinary setup. You can identify some unconventional ingredients and create innovative delicacies for your customers. When your customers will give you immediate feedback about your dynamic culinary ideas, no one will be happier than you.

4. Optimize your culinary skills

Commercial cookery is a sector which requires you to invest prolonged hours and satiate your customers’ ever changing demands. So, if you are truly ardent about cooking, then commercial cookery must be your ultimate career choice. Whether you have a predilection for using exotic spices or cooking traditional dishes, you can turn your passion into profession. So, regardless of your penchant you can familiarize other people with some of the finest culinary experiences ever.

A look at the prospective career opportunities

Some of the best colleges in Australia are offering career-oriented commercial-cookery courses to overseas students. The commercial cookery courses which are in immense demand amongst international learners include the following:

  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery)
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery)
  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery and
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

Completion of these courses will make you eligible for a wide range of job opportunities. Some of them include chefs, chef de partie, sous chef, chef de cuisine and executive and head chef etc. Other career opportunities include restaurant and café managers, baristas, kitchen hands waiters and chefs etc.

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How to work in commercial cookery setups?

You might have to work within the kitchen hierarchy if you opt for pursuing a career in fine dining. This kind of setting was initially known as brigade de cuisine in many French restaurants. Nowadays, it is more popularly known as kitchen brigade. While working in a kitchen brigade, you can work according to your preferred designation. Say for instance, you can work as a chef de cuisine, sous chef, and chef de partie or commis chef as you wish. With every of these job roles, you’ll learn to preside over a new set of duties and responsibilities every time.

What does commercial cookery exactly mean?

The meaning of commercial cookery is quite a straightforward one. It basically means cooking within a professional setup. Conventionally, you will need to preside over this setting either as a kitchen hand or chef. While completing any of the discussed commercial cookery courses you will also learn to use high-quality kitchen appliances. These primarily include blast chillers and steam ovens etc. Apart from that, you will also require soft skills to work together with your entire team effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your favourite commercial cookery course today and achieve your dream culinary career in Australia.

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