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How Can You Promote Your Blog on Pinterest?

Easy and effective is the way to go for everything today, and so the Pinterest scheduler is the real digital diva of 21st-century marketing. By promoting your blog on Pinterest, you can target a larger audience to read your blog. The best part? Oh yes! You can also generate organic reach on your blog as well through Pinterest!

Willing to learn how? Keep on scrolling then!

Promote on Pinterest

Our world is turning into cyberspace. Getting interconnected and making connections easier now. You can earn money through online marketing. You can sell your products or market your business through different social media automation. You can even make money by writing blogs for your clients! But for that, you need to drive traffic to it. Pinterest has over 265 million monthly active users. Who are active users worldwide – making a massive difference in online marketing.


Facebook and Twitter are not only the star social media platforms anymore. Pinterest has been making its place in the digital race and seeing an insane growth in hyper engagement and unstoppable traffic building. Even a half-life of a pin is to last 1600 times longer than a Facebook post. And this is how the role of Pinterest scheduler becomes so essential in business marketing.

First, make sure you have a business account for this purpose. A business account lets you advance schedule pins for up to two weeks earlier on a desktop. You can schedule one pin at a time while you can schedule 30 pins for the later posting.

Can you believe it? Well, Pinterest can perform all the functions under the Pins tab, and you can set your blog for upcoming success.

And guess what? The good news is that the Pinterest scheduling tool is free. Believe your eyes, the free Pinterest scheduler is right at your disposal!

We have listed below a list of tips you can learn and later implement to promote your blog through Pinterest. So what are you waiting for? Let us dive deep into the tips for the easiest and swiftest ever blog promotions through the Pinterest account.


Keep on sharing!

Create loads of eye-catching and engaging content. Share your content and other stuff and then pin images with the same frequency onto your boards.

It is the trick to the most reliable and quickest blog promotion process through Pinterest today.

The Pinterest scheduler can lessen your frequent posting burden.

How? It will help in saving you time. It will give you the ease of saving content in your free time and having ideas in bulk.

Content-rich boards let you attract traffic to your blog, searching for articles and blogs on a particular topic. The more stuff on your website is directly proportional to get the higher chances of views ultimately.

Pinning other blogs on the same storyboard that you pin yours on will bring you more clicks too. It can relate to anything! literally like anything. You can even post lifestyle-related boards and pin them to grab more audience. Or simply post stuff that is related to yourself, your brand, or your blog!

So readers, now you know the first hack!


Here is a straight fact platter for you: the taller the images, the more elevated your engagement chart! They get more pins and repins.

Taller images do not necessarily mean adding more infographics or lengthening them, but the idea is to generate generally elongated pictures. You can do it by combining multiple images or simply stretching them as much as nicely possible.

Select attractive images to have more eyeballs on them. Even if you write a brief description on it, focus again on the word ‘little’ not to get your picture all messy – then it would be great! So, give an excellent look to your image content for figuring out if you can try your creative capabilities on Pinterest.

Here’s a simple tip for you: combine all your images as One instead of publishing multiple images within the same blog post.


The only way your blog post can exist on our star site, oh, we mean Pinterest, is by adding pictures. Pinterest is all about images, images, and lots of colors!

No images on your blog and your Pinterest game is finished.

Even if these images are not big enough to a specific limit that is 110 x 100 pixels minimum, the blog post cannot be pinned, let alone re-pinned.

Also, make sure these images are beautiful and attractive to the eyes, so the hands ultimately pin the blog. The photos must be clear with proper pixels and knowledgeable so that the people finding answers can pin them to save for later problem solutions. Or simply amaze them with creativity, so they wonder and pin your content as an inspiration.

The secret recipe puts much thought and effort into your images and uses them as the essential decorating tool that helps and stimulates readers and viewers as much as the blog post’s text. You can simply learn how to capture unique shots or do product photography from different YouTube videos. You can learn how to edit like a pro as well. Use these skills as a magician and increase your number of engagements within a blink of an eye!


Imagine you create an excellent blog post but forgot to insert an image within. Now all your possibilities of grabbing a large audience channelized through Pinterest are gone.

Want to be saved from such a dumb disaster? Enable the default image function on your entire blog site. This way, these default images will be visible on each post and page. Once you have default images taking care of your blog site, you can have free pinned even if your blog has no picture or simply you have forgotten to add one! Just make sure that these images are suitable to your blog site so that whichever blog post you make, the image or images relate to it. Your header, footer, or blog sidebar can have these default images. The good news is that the free Pinterest scheduler is available today if you want to save yourself from forgetting to add a picture and post the blog itself someday.


If you want your pinners on Pinterest to become the readers of your blog, you need to engage with them! The more and better you build a connection, the exceptional response, and engagements you will get! For that, you need to know your pinners and readers.

Now you might be thinking, how can you do that?

Well, it’s easy!

  • Stay consistent with your pins!
  • Be original, be yourself! Pin what’s relevant only.
  • Follow back your followers, too, to get a better connection. They will feel seen, heard, and noticed!
  • Do not forget to keep a check on your followers’ boards, pins, or content to see their preferences and likes.
  • To encourage your followers, you can like, re-pin, and comment on their pins.
  • To keep your followers or readers engaged, you can ask questions at the end of your blog too!


Oh yes! You read it right.

A contest board on your Pinterest account!

You can post highly engaging and impressive content on your blog with contests on it, and then you can simply ‘pin it’ on your Pinterest contest board to drive colossal traffic directly to your website. You can also promote your contests on Pinterest to get more participants in it.


Try these proven techniques to spice up your Pinterest game right today.

We bet you will see your blogs thriving soon. And yes, now you already are aware of scheduling social media marketing challenges posts through the pins that make users ping your content like crazy. Remember that Pinterest’s business leaps today. Not only because of the aesthetics that it exhibits or the interests it feeds. But its glorious business integrated features become another cult aspect of its digital strength and existence.

You only need the grabbing opportunist approach to fully utilize what this giant social media platform offers.

Good luck, and tell us which hack you loved the most!

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