How Can Space Management and Planning Help in Growth

Space management, space planning, agile culture, facility management. You might have heard of these terms but do you know how important a role they play in the day-to-day?.  Space management and planning is one of the most underrated yet important functions of any workplace. A disorganised and unplanned space management system hampers organisational development and morale in ways you may not comprehend. On the other side of the coin, a well-planned and scientific space management system makes sure the organisation is efficient, effective and a thriving hub of productivity.

What does space management and planning actually mean?

Space management and planning encompasses all such systems and processes that are involved in identifying physical space in a workplace, managing seating arrangements, assigning and allocating space for departments and periodically updating the same, which would ensure a boost in productivity and employee morale in the long run.

With the constantly evolving work culture and ethics, long gone are the days of closed spaces and cubicles; airy, modern and open is the way forward in terms of office layout and seating. In other words, as office culture evolves, out with the old notions of hierarchy and titles and in with the new agile working culture. The importance and relevance may be lost on outdated and old fashioned management styles, but the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs have already incorporated space management and planning into their work spaces.

So here comes the million-dollar question – how can space management and planning help in growth?

Here are a few reasons how:

Increased Efficiency

An organised, systematic and well planned work environment would contribute immensely towards the long term growth of the organisation. Disarray and chaos in the workplace are not conducive to personal or professional growth for the people working therein, which would adversely affect organisational goals in the long run. It has been reported that space management and planning ensures better streamlining of functions and departments and increased efficiency overall. Making sure employees of the same department are clustered together.  Complimentary departments are spaced side by side and there is ample room for storage directly results in increased efficiency in the workplace.

Healthy Work Environment

Meticulous planning and care should be taken while planning office layout and desk locations. Additionally, a clean and safe environment at work is one of the biggest components that help organisations achieve their growth and development goals. A major factor that contributes to a healthy work environment is undoubtedly space management and planning. A workspace that radiates positivity is one that has managed to perfectly utilise its spatial limitations to the best extent possible.

Employee Morale

Setting the best possible working conditions for your employees is a sure shot way to improve employee morale and motivation. Adjusting and adhering to employee concerns regarding space and work environment makes them encouraged in the working of the company. Companies that give priority and importance to creating a holistic work environment have also seen an increased chance at meeting their goals and ensuring growth in the long term.

Increased Productivity

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. And an increase in productivity helps the organisation grow in tremendous ways. It is no secret that employee satisfaction and an increase in productivity go hand in hand. Not just in attracting talent, an organisation that gives due consideration to employee satisfaction would also be able to retain talent for a long period of time.

Utilisation of Finance

Adequate space management and planning ensures a regularised and optimal use and allocation of financial resources. Managers would be able to plan, budget and utilise finance in an efficient manner.  They have a clear idea on space management and planning. The Requirements of space for seating and storage as well as setting in place the requisite amenities and facilities.

The vital role space management plays in an organisation is not to be taken lightly in the present day background. Where humanity and a holistic approach takes centre stage in every aspect of life. It also permeates the continuously evolving work culture as well, across the globe. In such a scenario, organisations can make the best out of space management strategies in ensuring growth and development. Both in the short and long terms.

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