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How Can Living Accommodations Affect Child Custody?

The living condition of the parents is one major aspect that courts consider while deciding child custody and visitation decisions. Acceptable living accommodations are those that allow the child to live comfortably and be safe. Although child custody laws vary from state to state and judges, all states work to determine the child’s best interests. Knowing these terms before filing a custody petition is important as it helps you build strategies that work in your favor. So, reaching the experts, like Phoenix child custody lawyer, is advisable.

Till the time, here are some general guidelines a judge or jury might consider when faced with living accommodations for custody purposes. 

  • Amount of Privacy

Ideally, kids have their bedrooms that are supposed to be shared with their siblings in the house they spend most of the night in. 

Courts may prefer that the child have their bedroom, but it isn’t mandatory. The main motive is that the child has access to enough privacy at both the parent’s houses. 

This privacy could be all about ensuring that the child has their bedroom and bathroom or a private place to dress up in. 

  • Number of Children

The number of children being involved is also an important aspect that is considered when determining if a parent has appropriate living accommodations. 

If the parents have more than one child, the judge will expect a more spacious accommodation to offer. 

Unfortunately, this also means the judge will be judging your intentions based on the amount of space you will be able to offer your children. That’s if you are willing to make your three kids share one bedroom wherein one is supposed to sleep on the couch while the others are on the bed along with you or not. 

To ensure that the judge doesn’t misinterpret your conduct, hire a trustworthy lawyer like child custody lawyer to communicate the same. 

  • Parent’s Financial Dilemma

In some States, the inability to provide for a child is exempted from the intent of neglect. However, this doesn’t mean that the custody arrangements won’t be impacted if you can’t fill in the basic needs of your child.

A judge will consider all aspects, including parents’ unique financial situation, when determining the child’s custody and appropriate loving accommodations.  


Decisions related to child custody can be stressful. As there is no perfect formula for determining the child’s best interest, the judge is bound to take the specific situations related to the specific cases into account while deciding. 

There are plenty of things you can do to make things work in your favor. Apart from demonstrating your home to be a safe place for your kid to reside in, don’t forget to hire a professional, like Phoenix child custody lawyer. To secure the result of the custody case in your courtesy. 

Also, remember, even if things don’t fall in your favor, the court can revisit custody arrangements.


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